‘It’s a big deficit’: why goldfish are now banned from the Nancy fair

This year, Sabina offers fake fish to counter the ban.
This year, Sabina offers fake fish to counter the ban. (© Amandine Mel/Lorraine News)

If you want to accept gold fishthere is no need to go to the attractive Nancy Fair, which takes place this year from 1 April to 1 May 2022, more precisely on stands for catching ducks.

Whereas in the past the tradesmen at the fair could award a goldfish as a prize, after the completion of the duck-catching game and with the consent of the players, this is no longer the case this year.

News of Lorraine explains why.

Unfavorable opinion

In response to an inquiry from our editors, the city of Nancy reported that “The Office for the Protection of the Population did not give a positive opinion to two requests for the sale of goldfish on the duck stalls set up at the attractive spring fair in Nancy.” .

But that’s not all, as the municipal ordinance of 24 February 2022 was already moving in that direction.

Municipal Decree No. 0045782 of February 24, 2022 clearly defines in Article 25 the prohibition of the transfer of any live animals, in particular goldfish. Here is an excerpt: “Fairground producers undertake to comply with the provisions of article L214-4 of the rural code regarding the protection of animals in the fairgrounds of the attractive spring fair. It provides that the distribution as a prize or premium of any live animal, with the exception of farm animals, within the framework of festivals, fairs, competitions and demonstrations of an agricultural nature is prohibited. Therefore, it is prohibited to present goldfish as a prize or bonus on the territory of the Nancy Fairgrounds.

City of NancyExtract from article 25.

Cold shower

On the part of the fair industrialists, this is clearly a cold shower. James Ferry, owner of a duck-catching stall, bitterly regrets this decision.

The end of the goldfish at the fair is a real problem for us. Fish are very popular with children and not only! Even the young people came specially to leave with the fish. For us, this is a clear deficit.

James FerryDuck stall owner
This year, James will do without the traditional goldfish.  In this way, children will be able to win toys.
This year, James will do without the traditional goldfish. In this way, children will be able to win toys. (© Amandine Mel/Lorraine News)

However, James completed the training, certificate of ability to “sell” goldfish in 2015. A training that, ultimately, he no longer needs.

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“Significant Loss”

Sabina D’Andrea, also the owner of a duck-catching stall, notes the same thing. The disappearance of goldfish represents a “significant” loss of turnover, in particular 30%. This is a first for her and her husband.

We have a lot of people who come exclusively for goldfish. It cannot be said that they are “for profit”, but rather “for sale”. Because in order to get fish, people have to catch ducks in return. Also, we never give away a pet without people’s consent.

Sabina D’AndreaDuck stall owner

Like James Ferry, Sabina’s husband has the right to sell fish for about ten years thanks to the certificate he received.

Fake fish to win

In addition to the loss of turnover, for Sabina this is a misunderstanding. This is indeed the first time he has not been able to present goldfish in his booth.

We were very careful to give good advice to the people who left with the fish. They were only given to those who really cared about them. I even developed a small guide to explain how to take care of these little animals. This year we were in for an unpleasant surprise – we could not give goldfish. And this is without real arguments about the refusal.

Sabina D’AndreaDuck stall owner

However, according to the booth owner, not only children are disappointed. Many adults really came for goldfish.

Every day people ask us where the fish are. And not only children! We had adults who came to catch ducks, have a little fun, and then leave with their animal. So it’s really hard for us. Especially since I took care of these little animals.

Sabina D’AndreaDuck stall owner

Therefore, this year Sabina nevertheless decided to offer fish in small aquariums. But … fakes!

” A good thing “

Question asked News of Lorraine, Daman Richter, Nancy City Council member responsible for animal rights and welfare and biodiversity.thinks the end of the goldfish at the fair is “good.”

This is good, because it allows you to question people’s opinions about the well-being of fish. We have made progress on the welfare of mammals and terrestrial animals in general, but there is still a lot of work to be done on fish. Humans don’t necessarily know this, but a fish feels pain just like a mammal.

Daman RichterMunicipal Advisor to Delegate Nancy for Animal Rights and Welfare and Biodiversity.

The ban also helps “change attitudes towards pets,” an elected official said.

The animal is not an object. He is a rational being. Anyone who adopts an animal should know that this is a responsibility. For me, it’s the same as having a baby. This is the same responsibility, because we have to take care of a living being that depends on us, that needs to be properly fed, that needs to be taken care of, and that should have the right to happiness. Thus, the presence of goldfish at the fair encourages compulsive adoption.

Daman RichterMunicipal Advisor to Delegate Nancy for Animal Rights and Welfare and Biodiversity.

Not to mention round aquariums that do not allow the fish to develop normally.

Satisfied parents

On site, some parents interviewed say they are delighted. For Miriam, interview News of Lorraine “This is very good news, especially when you see how they were stored on the stands.”

Of the same opinion is Laura, a young mother who came with her son to the counter for catching ducks. “Even if when I was little I liked to go out with goldfish, I have to be honest… All the ones I could live with for a few days because I was too small to take care of them. So that’s good. My son won a toy and it’s very good.”

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