In the regions: Strasbourg goes green

Race / 09/22/2022

On Sunday, in the presence of many elected officials, the Société des Courses de Strasbourg inaugurated the latest investment made in its hippodrome. If a few projects are completed, others are already in the pipeline, as President Lucien Matzinger, who is also President of the Galop Regional Council, explained to us.

On Sunday, September 18, a 100% canter meeting took place at the Hoerdt Racecourse, culminating in the Grand Prix de la Région Grand Est – 12.e Canter trial stage (L). Among the 1,500 people in attendance were many elected officials: MEP and Regional Councilor Anne Sander, Senator and Regional Councilor Claude Kern, MP Vincent Thibault, and the Mayor of Herdt and President of the Community of Communes Basse-Zorn Denis Riedinger. “ These people have come to open the last investment in our hippodrome. Projects that we launched shortly before Covid but that fell behind and in which they were stakeholders. Whether it is a National Federation or communities, the fact that we receive financial support proves the interest that is shown in our hippodrome. The investments we make are made consistently for the benefit of different site users. Thus, the project, carried out between 2012 and 2014, was mainly focused on professionals. Then in 2018 we took care of the owners in particular by creating a lounge area for them. The investment, opened on Sunday, consisted of a “blend” for horses and the public, as well as regulatory works. »

Environmentally responsible approach

On the topic of recent investments, the one who has been President of Strasbourg since 1996 continues: “ We have just arrived atPublic toilets in the bar and the panoramic restaurant comply with PMR standards. This completes the plan to bring the racecourse up to the standards for accommodating people with disabilities. We also carried out a reconstruction of the race track irrigation system, with selective watering of flat tracks and obstacles. Such watering allows you to water only the paths. For example, the Reichstätt Bend thalweg is no longer watered, contributing to efforts to regulate water use. Red EPDM has been installed around the scale for the safety of the horses. Award ceremonies can be more dramatized by replacing the weight ring guide and installing a podium. Therefore, we have been taking an environmentally responsible approach for some time now. The next step is to apply for the EquuRES label in 2023. We are not far from meeting the necessary criteria for this label. »

Efforts Already Recognized

Lucien Matzinger, who is also President of the Regional Horse Racing Council, added: “ All the work done in recent years allows, in my opinion, Strasbourg to take an important place in the landscape of French hippodromes. What’s more, the recognition has just come out in the fact that next year we are going to restore 12e premium meeting. We are expected to continue our efforts, in particular by offering even better conditions for our centrally installed wagons. At their request, we want to create a treadmill in the center. For the rest, consider the problems of water evacuation. Especially in terms of boxes. »

Lucian Matzinger received the Officer’s Medal for services to agriculture

Last Sunday, a beautiful equestrian meeting ended with the ceremony of presenting the Officer’s Medal for Services to Agriculture to President Lucien Matzinger by Senator Claude Kern. Lucian Matzinger said: I am convinced that I owe the badge I have just received to the current good results of the Racing Society, its development and recognition at the national level. In this way, the entire Racing Society is honored through me. I would like to thank all members of the Society, members of the Board of Directors, as well as employees and all the people who make racing at our circuit successful. »


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