In Ayr, Les Sabots de Lola calls for help for injured horses.

Marie Voisin with Bilto the donkey, who shares a pasture with three recently rescued ponies. (© Le Courrier de l’Eure / TG)

Animal welfare societies are in high demand all year round. Most often they notify about the rejection of a dog or cat. For its part, the association Les Sabots de Lola, based in Bacpuy, wants to draw attention to the plight of the horses. Since its inception in 2015, President Marie Voisin has counted 85 rescued. “And since January 1, 2022, we have recorded eight records,” she says. In total, this amounts to more than 3,000 euros for the expenses of the association (veterinarian, blacksmith, etc.).

Salvation in association

Most rescued horses, ponies or donkeys escape the slaughterhouse as a last resort. Recently, however, Marie Voisin rescued four ponies and a mule… from association. The president of Les Sabots de Lola collected the file and made a report to the DDPP (Department for the Protection of the Population) of Ayr and to the public prosecutor. “Five animals were with the lady who heads the association. The ponies often wandered,” explains Marie Voisin.

The approach of Les Sabots de Lola was also supported by the municipalities concerned due to the escapes. According to Marie Voisin, a police investigation was also launched. About thirty dogs were “non-stop locked in a cage.” The president of Les Sabots de Lola also counted the same number of cats.

“The lady probably had Noah syndrome. She hoarded animals without seeing the harm she was doing because she was convinced she loved them. »

Mary Neighbor President of the association Les Sabots de Lola

The dogs and cats were subsequently restored by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation. But, in addition, the man kept other animals in unworthy conditions: chinchillas, chickens, geese, goats … “The lady probably had Noah’s syndrome. She hoarded animals without seeing the harm she caused, because she was convinced that she loved them, ”says Marie Voisin.

Today three ponies are housed in Les Sabots de Lola. Two more, promised for adoption, are in a foster family. “Now they are all vaccinated and dewormed,” smiles Marie Voisin.

“The goal for me is to welcome the horses in conditions worthy of the name, not to collect them. »

Mary Neighbor

Despite these rescue operations, sometimes urgent, the president of Les Sabots de Lola was lucky that many of her protégés were adopted. Unfortunately, this is not obvious for animals of a certain age. “Adopting a 25-year-old horse is difficult,” says Marie Voisin, speaking of the mare she ended up adopting herself.

Host families

In order to save space for the horses, Les Sabots de Lola would particularly like to expand its Foster Care (FA) network, preferably near the Nebourg plateau. “They should not be too far away so that we can stay in touch and miss professionals: veterinarians, physiotherapists, etc. The association, one way or another, takes care of everything, care and food. »

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Working with the FA also has a practicality as it makes it easier to pass the baton after a rescue. “The goal for me is to accept horses in conditions worthy of the name, not to collect them,” she emphasizes.

In any case, Marie Voisin is always ready to help. Currently, the association is in the process of updating its membership, volunteers are being mobilized. And in order to bring citizens closer together, the president of Les Sabots de Lola requested that the association be recognized as of common interest.

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