Identify the plants, birds and insects in your garden!

Are you new to gardening or just an inquisitive person who wants to get to know nature better? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will review the best gardening apps to help you identify birds, insects, and plants in your home. Some of them are actually your friends, so you better keep them. But others feed on your plants and can destroy your production. Now do you understand how important it is to identify them? So, let’s begin !

Applications for gardeners: identify insects

You don’t have to take all your encyclopedias with you. Now you can find everything in your smartphone. So just select the app you want and explore the living world of the great outdoors. It is also a great gardening idea for your kids that will teach them to love nature and stimulate their curiosity.


iNaturalist beneficial insects in the garden

inaturalist is a social network createdCalifornia Academy of Sciences and National Geographic Society. This is a truly universal application, as it collects information not only about insects, but also about plants, reptiles, birds and mammals. What’s also great is that you can become an amateur scientist and participate (or create) in a specific project that interests you.

⇒ Free, available on Android and iOS

Image Insect

Insect picture for Android and IOS free

This application is very easy to use. Just take a picture and it will tell you the name of the insect. You can then share it with other users to discuss and compare results.

⇒ Free, available on Android and iOS

Leps by Fieldguide

Leps by Fieldguide to discover butterflies

Are you passionate about pollinators like butterflies? Well, this gardening app is perfect for you! All you have to do is upload a photo of a larva, nymph or juvenile and Leps will analyze the image and give you the answer. Also, you can read some interesting insect facts.

⇒ Free, available on Android and iOS

Gardening Apps: Identify Birds

discover the best garden bird identification apps

Are you a bird lover and have you ever made a house, watering hole or other interesting element? Well, now you need to identify all the sparrows that have flown to your garden. Sometimes they are difficult to find between the branches of trees, but fortunately there are apps that will help you recognize them even by the sound of their song. Here is our selection of the top 3.


BirdNet app for nature lovers

Thanks to machine learning, birdnet can recognize the sounds of different birds. With a library of over 3,000 species, chances are you’ll find a creature that wakes you up every morning. Is not that great?!

⇒ Free, available on Android and iOS


Merlin-ID-what kind of bird is this

Answer three simple questions about the bird you see, such as its main color and size, and the app will tell you about possible species. You can also search through photos, and you don’t even need internet to do this.

⇒ Free, available on Android and iOS

Ornithopedia Europe

Audubon Bird's Guide to Bird Singing Recognition

One of the main advantages of this application is that it is available in 17 languages. She is associated with Wikipedia, which allows you to view offline information about 1144 birds of Europe! You can find both streaming audio files and videos. YouTube.

⇒ Free, available on Android

Apps for gardeners: discover plant species

free apps for gardeners

Whether you have a large garden or a small balcony vegetable garden, information on how to care for your plants will always come in handy. How much light or water do they need, when to plant them, and what species to pair with… All of these questions and more can be answered in the following gardening apps.


tips and techniques for beginner gardeners apps for gardeners

Like Google Images, this app lets you identify the plants in your garden with a simple photo taken with your smartphone. You will find 20,000 species including flowers, trees, shrubs, conifers and cacti. And the most interesting thing here is that your photographs are then used by scientists around the world who study the evolution of biodiversity in order to preserve it.

⇒ Free, available on Android and iOS

Imagine it

best garden app to identify plants apps for gardeners

Picture it is still a giant in the field, identifying over 17,000 species with your camera. What’s even more handy for gardeners is that the app contains plenty of care tips.

⇒ Free, available on Android and iOS

My garden


Optimize every square centimeter of your site with ” My garden Whether you’re new to gardening or more experienced, you’ll find a descriptive sheet, a monthly gardening calendar, and plenty of helpful tips for growing vegetables, flowers, or aromatic herbs.

⇒ Free, available on Android and iOS

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