“I think Dahler loves me and appreciates the lifestyle she leads.” – Jessica von Bredow-Werndl

Jessica von Bredow-Werndl, who has won two Olympic gold medals and three European gold medals in the past eight months, is the top favorite for the Dressage World Cup final starting Thursday night in Leipzig. In front of the public, the German, who is expecting her second child, will of course be associated with her formidable TSF Dalera BB, undefeated since June and taking part in her first final on the circuit. in room.

Back from CDI 3* in Ornago, where she led thirteen year old gelding Ferdinand BB (Khan, Florencio 2 x Lanciano) to Grand Prix and Musical Freestyle victory, Jessica von Bredow-Werndl spoke to the FEI about his ascent to the highest level and plans for the future.

Despite her undisputed dominance in the discipline for several months, the thirty-six-year-old Amazon never gives any details about the outcome of the competition. “Of course, you need to have a clear vision and set goals, but there have been times in the last twenty years when I no longer believed in myself. However, I always tried to push myself, I held on to my dreams and hoped that opportunities would come.” says a rider based in Aubenhausen, in southern Germany. She also says it’s necessary.”stop trying to be someone else”.

At the age of nineteen, Jessica von Bredow-Werndl already shone at the European Junior Championships, but in her early twenties she showed poor results. “I had difficult years with almost no victories. I became the champion among juniors and juniors several times, so I dreamed of doing the same at the adult level. But this hasn’t happened for more than five years.”, trusts the world’s number one with his trusty TSF Dalera BB (Trak, Easy Game x Handryk). When she decided to do things her own way, the Amazon saw a change. “I stopped trying to imitate other riders and started focusing on my own way of doing things, the way I always liked to do things. This way my horses have been able to flourish even more and I never want to lose that enthusiasm again!”, explains the German.

Decisive meeting

Jessica von Bredow-Werndl says to herself: “very lucky” that Beatrice Bürchler-Keller entrusted him with Unee BB (KWPN, IPS Gribaldi x Dageraad) in 2012. No wonder this horse turned his life upside down. In 2015, the couple were part of the team that won bronze medals at the European Championships in Aachen and finished third in the World Cup finals three times; in Las Vegas in 2015, in Gothenburg in 2016 and in Paris in 2018. “Yuni was one of the most important school teachers for me” says Jessica. “It was almost ready for the Grand Prix when I got it and I really wanted to connect. However, I had to change my habits. I always grew up with the horses I rode. Uni already knew what she was doing. So I had to figure it out before we could both speak the same language. I realized that it’s not just about requiring the horse to obey what is expected of him; you must do what is best for everyone. Every rider has to adapt for the best.” Amazon adds.

During her athletic career, Jessica von Bredow-Werndl has worked with many top coaches, including Paul Elzenbaumer, “a very patient, loving and calm person”, then Stefan Münch, his compatriot Isabelle Werth, who will defend her title in the final against Weihegold, then Johnny Hilberat, Morten Thomsen, Andreas Hausberger and Monica Teodorescu. “However, I still have my own ideas, and I also count on my brother Benny (Benjamin Werndle, ed.), who is very important to me. We aspire to represent the German national team together one day!” highlights the undefeated racer since July 2021 with her trusty TSF Dalera BB.

Now the German career, of course, revolves around the high-performance TSF Dalera BB, fifteen years old, which she has been riding since she was eight years old. “It was when we won the Luidor final in Frankfurt that I realized she could be special. Then when she placed third in Musical Freestyle in 2019. (at the European Championships in Rotterdam, ed.)I realized that everything is possible with her. Two years later, (at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and the European Dressage Championships in Hagen, ed.)we’ve proven it!” – explained the two-time Olympic champion and three-time European champion. Moreover, the German Amazon believes that Dalera can still improve. “She can give even more. When I enter the rectangle, I know that she will always go all out. I think she loves me and enjoys the life she leads. She loves to travel and she is a real dancer! But we love jumping through the forest as much as we love to compete. She is grateful, and so am I.”she added.

Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and her faithful TSF Dalera BB

Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and her faithful TSF Dalera BB

© Lukasz Kowalski/FEI

More than a rider, a talented woman

Jessica von Bredow-Werndl is a woman of many talents. During her imprisonment, she wrote a book, “Heaven on Horseback”, about her life, the obstacles she overcame, her inspiration and her positivity. She is currently working on her second publication, a children’s book in which she confesses the day her life could have changed, when she almost drowned, which changed her outlook on life. She wants this book to be “beautiful story, with many lessons.” Moritz, her five-year-old son, will also have to wait a bit, because the book is intended for children over ten years old. The appearance of another baby, scheduled for August, will not allow Jessica von Bredow-Werndl to claim the title of world champion. “I will have to manage my life even better. It is very important to find a good balance between work and personal life.“, she said. However, she intends to return to the courts as soon as possible after the birth of her second child. “I competed four weeks after my first son was born, so hopefully I can do it again!”

For now, her focus is entirely on the World Cup Dressage Final. For Dalera, the preparation will be very simple.”nothing special, just keep her motivated, healthy and happy. We’ll go for a walk in the woods and, if the weather permits, we’ll take the opportunity to gallop.”she explains. As for her own preparation, it will be a matter of focusing on herself. “Sometimes we have to remember why we do this sport: because we love horses. Many people focus too much on the result and not on the means to achieve it.” concludes Jessica von Bredow-Werndl.

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