How to protect the garden from slugs and snails with natural methods?

Does your garden salad look like Swiss cheese? Do you find leftover strawberries? Who could commit such a crime? Well, in most cases, the culprit is a slug or snail. So if you are wondering how to stop this and prevent future intrusions, check out our article. We have everything you need to get rid of slugs naturally without harsh pesticides. Act!

Are slugs helpful?

Slugs and land snails are usually eaten after being thoroughly boiled due to their high nutritional value. They also provide food for other mammals, birds, worms, insects and in this context are part of the natural balance of every garden. Another benefit of having them in your garden is that they break down garden debris into a nitrogen-rich fertilizer that improves soil nutrition.

How to keep your garden free of slugs and snails naturally

But sometimes, when their population increases, they begin to feed on living plants. If this happens, they can destroy your production in a matter of days! In this case, you need to react quickly and adjust the balance of the garden with a few natural tricks. They are here !

What plant repels slugs?

what to do to scare garden snails

Slugs do not like strongly smelling plants, such as many common herbs. So if you want to try this method, plant fennel, anise, and rosemary around your garden. If you are looking for flowers that will help you get rid of snails naturally, choose astrantia, a beautiful plant that will brighten up your garden. Also remember that gastropods do not like plants with fuzzy or hairy foliage.

Other tips to keep slugs away

how to keep slugs away from garden

When fighting these critters, know that slugs love citrus fruits! So don’t throw away the peel when making freshly squeezed juices at home. Instead, leave them next to vulnerable plants in your garden. The snails will eat them instead of your plants.

A very tricky way to avoid slugs in the garden is to use wool. It has been found that slugs, like humans, find this material annoying and therefore dislike climbing on it. You can scatter wool around your plants, or use wool balls that form a thick carpet on the ground when you water them. The result lasts for a long time and can even help get rid of weeds.

foods that will keep slugs away from your home

Metallic copper can help you too, but it’s a bit more drastic. It reacts with the slug’s mucus, causing a mild electrical shock and repelling the slug. In this case, you can use copper tape or copper rings around the stem of the plants.

Here’s another idea. Open the beer and drink it almost completely. Remember to leave a few sips for the snails. Place the bottle in the garden as a trap. Drive it into the ground so that the hole is flush with the ground. They will be attracted by the smell, but remember that once inside, they will drown.

what to wear to avoid slugs

Unlike snails, slugs do not carry shells on their backs. Instead, they have a small saddle-shaped plate called a mantle. Lack of protection causes slugs to feed at night and seek shelter in the morning. So help them by creating a cozy shelter for them. Lay upside down watermelon rinds or a cutting board in a shady spot to keep the moisture underneath. In the morning, just collect the slugs. Then release them away from the garden, for example, into the forest.

Attracting their natural predators is another easy and natural way to keep slugs away. Who are they ? Say hello to bugs, hedgehogs, moles, toads and birds. We have already told you how to care for hedgehogs in the garden and how to make a beautiful birdhouse. So take a look at our articles on these topics. You’ll find ideas for insect lodges, birdhouses, water bowls and more.

why are slugs in my garden

Finally, we note once again that moisture is vital for these pests. Therefore, in order to avoid them, it is necessary to control this factor. How ? First, water rarely, but plentifully. Second, do not water the garden at the end of the day. Always do this in the morning so that the garden is dry by night.

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