Horses seen on Wednesday 13 April.

R1 Reims

105 Felix du Bourg – Grand National du Trot Paris Turf – 13:50.

Spotted by Nicolas Labourasse

This resident of Bruno Mary a series of good performances in the provinces, decent parties. Felix du Boer was seen on April 2 in Laval in Guede Verdict Award. He came back from the rear that day and finished nicely in fourth place, a far cry from the top three.

Son And Chahanes? will be seen in the third step Grand National du Trote Paris-Turf this Wednesday, April 13 in Reims. He is a good right-hander (11 out of 12), he works out well.

108 Edy du Pommereux – Grand National du Trot Paris-Turf – 13:50.

Spotted by Jeremy Levy

It’s March 23rd Quinte + to Lisie, in Roger Ledoyen AwardthatEdie du Pomereux was noticed. Student Sylvain Roger talked about it in this race.

Starting slowly, he came from the last rows to finish very well. In the middle of the track, take first place, runner-up, at the very end, slightly behind the winner. Gaia d’Occanes.

Since April 2021 he has had very good results with 7 wins and 8 places in 21 races. Significantly lighter fittings for this commitment Grand National du Trote Paris-Turfhe will be eagerly awaited.

512 Ispos de Banville – Award of the city of Reims – 16:10.

Spotted by Dylan Venet

After a rather difficult start to 2022, Ispos de Banville restarted in spring prize on Sunday 20 March.

Appearing in the second half of the peloton, he finished with a bang in the middle of the track, while making a slight hitch a few meters from the gate. He finished second after Isac d’Avane.

He will therefore be in dispute at the fifth meeting of the day in Reims this Wednesday. In particular, he will face the undefeated Indian park.

705 Flaubert Guede – Prix PMU l’Epicurien – 17:20.

Spotted by Philippe Pelletier

Flaubert Guede impressed March 21st Caen in Mesidon Prize. resident ofAntoine Lerete started to close in front, then made a really nice straight outside. The third place was acquired brilliantly, the second place he barely succeeds.

A very good element and a formidable finisher, he is sure to have ambition in PMU Epicurean Prize on the side Reims.

R4 Chantilly

605 Sky Glory – Prix du Champ d’Alouette – 18:45.

Spotted by Emmanuel Rivron

This sonOlympic glory made a successful debut in the competition with success at the end of his first race. After an unsuccessful test of obstacles on compiègne in the fall, the coach gave him a break.

He returned March 24 at Lyon-la-Soie and what a return! Immediately stuck in the wake of the animator Zionhe penetrated early in the straight to easily dominate the debate.

Thus, he is undefeated on level ground (2 out of 2). To see if he confirms his convincing debut.

702 Greim – Dramka Prize – 19:15.

Spotted by Emmanuel Rivron

Victory, second place and sixth place. More than the right start for this residentHenri-Alex Pantal. Graim distinguished himself in Paul Londa Award March 20, where he placed second.

He finished very well on the outside after trailing the rear of the peloton for a long time. Dominant tafser (3rd), he almost managed to style He is fantastic.

She will meet other fillies of her generation. We are in for a good test.

915 Never Without You – Prix Rue de la Flushe – 20:15.

Noticed by Ludovic Helier

Never without you is going through a difficult period with results lower than it has shown in the past. However, in Price for Rue des Cascades On April 6, his end of the race attracted attention.

Far behind, he started 200 meters from the gate and finished interestingly. Even though he didn’t prove to be dangerous, he received several ranks.

This Wednesday, he presents himself as an underdog, but if he finishes as well as before, he may qualify for a higher ranking.

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