Horse transport truck transforms and transforms into a gorgeous motorhome

So what could you do with a horse transport truck? We’re not talking about the air-conditioned vans that exist today, but the ones that used to be, with their wooden crate topping the cab. At first glance, a horse carrier may not seem very big… And yet, with a little imagination and a little work, it can be transformed from an apartment building halfway between a motor home and a tiny house! The name of this house: Helga… A magnificent house with rustic charm replaced a rickety horse cart! We invite you to discover it right now!

What is Helga’s house?

In English, this truck is called horsebox, horse box… Helga’s house was designed from an old Mercedes 814 of 1989… The truck arrived roughly from the formwork at the House Box factory, it had no armored platform besides the hull. and a ramp that helped the animals up the slope ! No more, no less ! But in the hands of a specialist in this field, the old truck has been transformed into a magnificent mobile home, which has been inhabited by residents since 2017. You won’t know the price of this work, because Helga is a completely personalized home for a couple who lives. there., has never been disclosed. House Box is a builder specializing ins conversion of stables and military trucksbut this transformation was their first achievement.

Converted truck
Photo credit: House-Box (Facebook screenshot)

Excursion !

Outside, nothing much has changed, the horse carrier has remained in its original form, it has just been repaired and repainted. But the inside is a different story! According to local residents, this accommodate four people to sleep, and seven to dine … So it’s not crowded, a wagon for horses. The manufacturer explains that the clients wanted an interior with charisma, character, mouth!

They also wanted their cocoon to exude a rustic vibe, but with a bit of modernity. However, modern elements, such as an audio system, solar panels, electrical outlets or composting toilets, had to blend in with the mass … And maintain a rustic look. The manufacturer brilliantly accepted the challenge, because no signs of modernity are visible, but the elements are present.

Photo credit: House-Box (Facebook screenshot)

Some hardware details

Always remember that this truck was carrying horses, manure and straw… Today it looks like an excellent log cabin. Only the wardrobe doors, chosen in turquoise blue, break the woody aspect that oozes from every spot in the tiny house. Access to it is possible in two ways: through the side door or through the back door when the ramp, which has become a porch, is lowered.

Photo credit: House-Box (Facebook screenshot)

This small space has a fully equipped gas kitchen, a closet hiding the electrical controls, a composting toilet and a shower made from plumbing waste. Heating is provided by an excellent wood-burning stove. At the front of the cabin is a dining area that converts into a sleeping area for two people. Upstairs is the master bedroom, located in the nasturtium (the part above the cabin) for two people. The entire area can also be folded down to access the engine, you just need to think about storing the chamber before folding! Doesn’t this horse-drawn truck turn into a tiny house or motorhome, the choice is yours?

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