Horse show, behind the scenes of a changing world

Although the main breeding ground is in the south of France, many riders throughout the country are trying to become professionals. But the demands of the public and organizers are constantly pushing artists to adapt and express their creativity, despite the lack of a recognized status. The file that can be found in our room 604.

The horse show of 40 years ago is not what it is today. If work in freedom is legion today and is found in many demonstrations, then a few years ago, artists such as Frédéric and Jean-Francois Pignon, who made their horses develop freely on large tracks, were almost the forerunners. Just like Lorenzo, who glorified the Hungarian post. But over the years, the number of equestrian artists has increased and they have to deal with a society that is seething, always on the lookout for newness. “Yes, the number of artists who become professionals is growing, but today the market is not French or European, but global.nuance Maurice Galle, head of the FFE exhibition committee. When we look at the demand for different artists, especially the oldest ones, they are taken to work in Africa, Asia, almost everywhere. But then how to become an equestrian artist? First of all, it is a matter of passion, perhaps with a touch of madness! So it was with Lorenzo: At the very beginning, I liked Cossack aerobatics more, but I already wanted to be a little different. During my first demonstrations in my village at Les Saintes, at the end of the piece, I got up on my two horses to greet the audience. Then I wanted to overcome obstacles on horseback, which did not exist. I was also a little crazy and I had to do crazy things! »

Grow in the show

Thanks to the internet and social media, almost anyone can learn riding techniques and be free to work or offer riding tricks with their horse. But to break into a horse show, the path promises to be long and winding: ” We used to have very technical shows, today we ask them for technique and for them to be actors. Over time, we will find ourselves putting on shows like musicals. developed by Maurice Galle. ” We ask for more artistry and connection with the public, we must broadcast. Being a good technician is not enough. There must be a story to take the viewer somewhere. Technique must be perfectly mastered in order to be only a means of artistic expression. ”, continues Mariel Zanchi, head of equestrian training at IFCE, created to meet the expectations of equestrians with a professional project. This training, which was tested during the imprisonment and will be held for the first time in September, is divided into three blocks: male and horse artists, male and horse athletes and artist, male manager and communicator. Education is what the entertainment world is looking for to meet the growing demand. ” We must let them believe in their profession, even in a horse show, we are still in the prehistory of mixing genres Maurice Galle adds. The technician, the actor, the rider must multiply the strings on his bow and make the horse the main character.

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