Horse-drawn camps: a real interest for local authorities?

Local elected officials, service providers, draft horse breeders or just enthusiasts were invited to discuss during a conference organized on Thursday, April 14 in Genek, on the topic of civilian horses and horse-drawn work.

An outdoor demonstration of horse-drawn services and a presentation of the equipment were part of the program of a symposium on the topic of the civil horse, organized in Genek. © LT

The use of horses does not mean a return to the pre-industrial eraAgatha Rzekec from the French Institute for Horses and Riding (Ifce) said immediately during a conference organized on 14 April at the Geneh Institute (59) on the topic “Civil Equestrian and Horse-drawn Jobs”. The desire is to find a “traditional-innovative” blend to address certain environmental and animal welfare concerns. “.

The goal is to show that the horse still has all of its interests. says Helene Dubois from the Trait du Nord equestrian centre. In 2021, the endangered Trait du Nord breed only gave birth to 73. We have significant support from the Hauts-de-France region, which encourages breeders to breed mares with birth bonuses.”she continues. It remains to find a way out.

Sanding, sweeping, etc.

Among the mentioned areas, the collection of green waste and the maintenance of green spaces are in the first place. In Cobrieu (59), green waste has been collected since 2014 by Traits du Nord, and the city is experimenting with street cleaning. ” The horse is a social vector, assures Patrick Lemaire, mayor of the city. It fits in well with the countryside.”. The elected representative is serious about the preservation of the breed and advocates for continued experimentation. ” This is not just a utopia: we must show economic and environmental benefits “.

In Sainghin-en-Mélantois (59), school transport by horse-drawn carriage was tested for several days as part of the eco-mobility challenge. A success, according to Florence Osselin, elected from the city. However, there is no budget line for this service, which is not within the competence of the municipality. Convinced of interest, the mayor’s office has other ideas. ” We would like to organize horse-drawn sweeping and plan to combine the fight against the isolation of the elderly with occasional out-of-school rides on horseback: a cultural and social challenge. “.

Convinced, but…

In the Community of Communities of Pevel-Carambo (CCPC), the results are more mixed. Initially, nine municipalities, including Cobrier, were involved in the collection of horse-drawn green waste. There are only three of them, which indicates the reverse movement of the community. According to its president, Luc Foutry, the ecological significance is negligible. Transporting horses to a collection point and then disposing of the waste does incur significant fuel and carbon footprint costs.2.

We want to continue because we are convinced that we will contribute to the preservation of the heritage, the environment and the image: it makes sense for the residents”, Luc Foutry points out. According to him, the collection remains consistent within a radius of 10 kilometers around the methanizer for the removal of green waste directly there. Other opportunities for experimentation, sweeping and maintenance of bike lanes » can be made permanent “. Encourage efforts to reduce CO emissions2, President proposes stimulus taxation.


We need politicssays Vivina Goliass, founder of the service company Caval’Trait. Let’s work so we can show you interest “.

The potential for development actually runs through communities where markets are more stable, confirms Caroline Charpentier of the French Working Horse Society. “Some communities have stopped with a change in mayor. There is a trendy effect. We must provide sufficient evidence for the interest of the service in order to stabilize services.”

The European Eqwos program aims to create an equestrian cluster to make the Territory the leader in Europe for horses in all disciplines. Since 2006, the Scarpe Esco Regional Natural Park has been raising awareness through education, experimentation and demonstrations.

The conservation of the Trait de Nord breed is important within our charter, notes José Dubrulle, board member. We support awareness and promotion activities in the context of space management. “.

Louise Tess

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