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The crimes they are charged with carry a maximum sentence of five to ten years in prison. On Thursday, March 24, three doping suspects were charged with “doping in horses”, “organized gang fraud”, “participation in a criminal association” and “illegal occupational activity”.

This is Luc Gaber, coach since July 2021 from La Teste de Buch (Gironde). This owner, who founded the Sagara stable, became a horse trainer after a month’s apprenticeship with David Cottin, a trainer from Maine and the Loire. In 2021, its residents have won six times and placed in the top five 22 times in 35 races, generating €333,795.

The charge is also brought against the son of Luc Gaber Baudouin. The latter takes care of his father’s “tribal” part, founded in 2010.

Finally, Jean-Laurent Dubor was also charged. This coach is based in Mont-de-Marsan, in the Landes. In 2021, with 16 horses in his stable, he won 16 victories and took 36 places out of 103 competitors. Enough to allow Jean-Laurent Dubord to have one of the best success rates of any coach who had 60 or more starters in the French mainland in the first half of 2021, with a success rate of over 22.5%.

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Not to run

Race organizing companies, Le Trot and France Galop, in a joint press release this Friday, March 25, explain that “These people are also placed under judicial control, including a ban on visiting racetracks and any activity related to horses. As a result, these people and their horses can no longer take part in races organized by parent companies. »

Five new individuals are to be charged very soon. The racing press mentions, among others, Yannick, Alain Briand and Sophie Blanchetier. What the game police confirms Western France. To our knowledge, three other individuals who will be charged this Friday, March 25 or Saturday, March 26 are not subject to confirmation. So it’s not about the coach. But it will be French pharmacists and veterinarians. Three other people are at the center of the investigation: a Spanish veterinarian, an Italian and a Maltese fighter.

In addition, the trade press speculates that the trainer, former star jockey David Cottin, has also been placed in police custody in recent days, as have Junior Guelpa (trot trainer and driver), Philippe Rouer (trot trainer), Bertrand Curie (trot trainer), lynx). coach) as well as Pascal Journiac (canter coach from Maine and Loire).

“If they were released, it does not mean that they are innocent. It is likely that the prosecution will take place in ten, fifteen days or more. But in connection with the ongoing investigative work, a prioritization has been made.”– explains a source in the Games Police.

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Affected by forensic information but not suspended from racing

On the other hand, these other individuals who are the subjects of the judicial investigation have not been prosecuted at this stage, nor have their horses been confiscated or banned from racing. “As it stands, these trainers and horses registered in their state are still eligible to race,” mention Trot and France Galop in their joint press release.

This weekend, players will be able to see these professionals in a duel. Except for the new twist.


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