Herning 2022: Henrik von Eckermann crowned with gold!

What a denouement for these FEI Jumping World Championships! After a perfect run since Wednesday, Swede Henrik von Eckermann becomes the new world champion along with King Edward. A few points behind him, Belgian duo Jérôme Gehry and Kel Homm de Hus took silver after two scoring rounds, while Dutchman Maikel van der Vleiten and his Beauville Z NOP took bronze.

Walking this morning through the village streets, you might think that you are in another country, for example, in Sweden! Fans already in attendance on Friday night at the team final were again present to cheer on the two qualifying couples, Jens Fredrikson/Markan Cosmopolitan and Henrik von Eckermann/King Eduard, respectively, for first and second place respectively. Twenty-one riders started in the first race… quite a long time, let’s face it! Unlike the course on Friday evening, the sixteen attempts in the morning did not create any serious problems for the riders and their horses. As proof, fourteen will come out clear. The desire of the course designer not to tire the horses before the more technical second round. For the rest, there are a few hooks in the 9-10 line with an oxer and a double. Something to quietly warm up the audience, many of whom came to see the results of these world championships.

Maikel van der Vleuten in ambush

Second round, time to get down to business with the top twelve couples. At first glance, the turn looks tighter, with shorter distances and obstacles that appear quickly. Twelfth was tentatively German Markus Ehning, who paves the way for what will be a good comeback with Stargold. After his eight points on Friday, he achieved a double clean sheet today, placing fifth in the competition! After all, before him is Jana Vargers / Limbridge (Germany), Nicola Philippaerts / Katanga v.h. number 10 On the other hand, a disappointment for the Austrian Max Küchner, very stable from the start, who in the second part of the tournament made his first stroke on the oxer when he came out of the double with Elektric Blue P. The second strong blow in the afternoon is for the Swiss Martin Fuchs and Leone Jay, who overcome two obstacles in a double run. The failures that succeeded in the low-key but effective Dutchman Michele van der Vleiten are also doubly evident today. With a total championship score of 5.96 points, he managed to put pressure on his competitors with his Beauville Z NOP jump and move up in the final rankings, taking bronze, as he did in Tokyo a year earlier: “ It’s great, I’m in a different world. I tried to stay focused and believe in it, follow my plans. He is a fantastic horse, he really deserved this bronze medal and to do so after Tokyo is incredible. “, he stated.

Maikel van der Vleuten and Beauville Z. ©PSV

Personal meeting of Belgium and Sweden.

The top trio promised a duel at the top between Jens Fredrickson’s Sweden and Henrik von Eckermann, first and second in the preliminary, and Jérôme Gehry’s Belgium, third. Jérôme Gehry and Kel Homm de Hus started first, signing an unforgettable course at the height of this exceptional horse. The tone was set, the Swedes had no room for error if they wanted to keep the lead. Unfortunately for Jens Fredriksson, a triple dismount and two deuce obstacles fall under the hooves of Markan Cosmopolitan. Too much pressure? However, this tough result puts them in tenth position, securing a silver medal for Jérôme Gehry and his 3.35 points.

The second run was harder, he was even more focused, so was I, so I think he made it through that second run. This is a horse that brings me so much happiness that it really deserves a medal because it has been stable over the years. I made mistakes last time (JO and La Baule, ed.), he stayed on top every time. I tried to match this and it worked this week. He was exceptional, as is often the case. This is the victory of my team, my fans, my country and, of course, my horse. At a press conference, he announced that he would like to keep Kel Homm in shape to possibly count on him in Paris in 2024.

Jerome Guery and Kel Homm de Yous ©PSV

It’s time for the king to take the stage, under the silence of the breathless crowd. From Wednesday, he will also have a perfect run, and every time he will always seem fresher than the day before. We are talking about a pair of these championships, formed by Henrik von Eckermann and his fantastic King Edward. Ears pointing, the gelding takes off, as if he knows he has no room for error in order to keep this gold medal that he has touched with the tip of his hoof. This is a real instinct that he has on the uneven bars. ” Two hours before the event, I was very nervous, but I remained focused. I saw that Jerome did it flawlessly and that I had no room for error. I had a very good feeling from the first lap, it gave me confidence. The horse was still quite fresh, he is really amazing. » Olympic champion in the team event, world champion in the team event, and now the world champion in the individual competition – nothing seems to be able to stop the current world number one. Magic.

Jerome Gehry, Henrik von Eckermann and Maikel van der Vleuten ©PSV

Simon Delestre 7th

The only Habs representative in this individual final, Simon Delestre, today presented the Cayman Jolly Jumper, which seemed to us in great shape. Jumping below the net, still hitting it occasionally, he gave France a very good clean run in the first run, moving up a few spots in the rankings. On this last track, which is a bit more technical than the previous one, the pair gets too close to the trio’s second hurdle. The caiman carries the bar with its front legs. With four points in the last round, Simon and Cayman finish this championship with 10.93 points, which is synonymous with seventh place. An excellent first year at this level for this 10 year old horse.

Simon Delestre and Cayman Jolly Jumper ©PSV

I am really very proud of Cayman, he had an exceptional championship worthy of his talent. This is his first year at this level and to see him run the World Championship from start to finish with such quality, repeating all the tracks with such class, it’s really great. This is indeed a good omen for the future. Today he perfectly overcame two final races. For shallow water I had good distance on the triple entry and he had a really big jump parabola on that entry, giving me two fairly short strides for medium shallow water. No regrets, but a lot of joy and pleasure to share the life of a horse of this caliber. »

Full results HERE.

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