Hennebont. “Revival” of the domestic stud farm

Hermes is silent. However, this Tuesday, April 12, 2022, the Breton draft horse is celebrating its 27th birthday and many people are busy around the lodge of the dean of the Hennebont (Morbihan) national stud farm. And not in vain. From Monday, April 11, 2022, visitors can discover the historic site thanks to a new tourist route and attend a new show called Another horse.

The implementation of this new visiting itinerary is an important step in the history of the Hennebont National Stud Farm and the beginning of the changes undertaken to make it a place dedicated to horses and their many facets. says Jean-Marc Boumier, director of the site.

“Visit in five stages”

Since its creation by Colbert in the 19th century.and century, the national stud farm Hennebont, bought by the Lorient agglomeration in 2016, has known different lives. It is this rich history, as well as the professions and horses of the stud farm, that the visitor is now introduced to through a new permanent exhibition called Imperial! and installed in the stable of honor.

This new visiting itinerary consists of five stages. “, stresses Operations Manager Maud Brunet. After the new permanent exhibition, the visitor continues to walk through stable 2. There he can meet Hermes, the oldest member of the stud farm, and his fellow stud farms, as well as two new guests from a different genre, born in the imagination of the MONSTR designers , which cooperates with the Nantes company Les Machines Articulated and animated, they can surprise the visitor.

In the main upholstery, the smell of leather saddles entraps the visitor, who may be present for a screening of about twenty minutes of a film designed to discover the intimacy and delicacy of the relationship between horse and man. “ The riders and horses of the film are at the stud farm or pass through here.Jean-Marc Boumier says And they cross the landscapes of the region. »

Space for young audiences

The visit can continue in the yard of the forge, where you can get acquainted with the various crafts of the stud farm, before heading to the Stable Garden, the latest novelty of the route. This new space allows you to discover the remaining part of the stud farm: the director’s pavilion and its surroundings. Berber tent, carousel for four people, caravan… designed for young audiences. Seniors can just sit and enjoy the greenery.

photo The new show

The new show “L’autre cheval” runs from Monday to Friday, at 15:00, until May 6th. © Kvaptur

And everyone who wishes can meet horses and riders there after the performance given under the tent in the courtyard of the well. From Monday 11 April until 6 May 2022, the Éclats de Rock, consisting of three horsemen, an astronaut, seven horses and two dogs, asks the question “our attitude towards the absurdity of the world today” from Monday to Friday at 15:00. Everything is called Another horse.

“Great relief”

This tour and this spectacle are not the only good news in the past few days at the Hennebont National Stud Farm. On April 5, 2022, after a five-year wait, SARL K-architectures was declared the winner of the architectural and engineering competition for the future concert hall of the Hennebont stud farm, which should see the light of day at the beginning of 2025 (cost of works: 3.3 million euros excluding taxes).

it’s a big reliefJean-Marc Boumier says It will be an important place for training and creating equestrian sports. We will be able to support more artists and art forms. The new visitor trail and future concert hall are synonymous with the rebirth of the Hennebont National Stud Farm. »

Information and booking at the national stud farm Hennebont, rue Victor-Hugo; Contact by phone 02 97 89 40 30; Website: www.haras-hennebont.fr


968 000: This is the total cost, excluding taxes, of the work to organize a new tour of the Hennebont National Stud Farm, which lasted one year. During this period, the site remained open. Improvements have also been made to the reception area, shop and stable 1, which has been converted into a space that can host social or private events.


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