Headlines: Biden bolsters support for Kyiv with ‘record’ $33bn aid

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Ignoring” nuclear threats Russia, as well as reject any allegations of a proxy war “, Joe Biden accelerates” more than double US aid to Ukraine “, emphasizes Guardian with ” a giant envelope of $33 billion in military and economic aid “. This is ” exciting move “, Comments Weatherwhich illustrates both the firm commitment of the United States to Kyiv, and ” desire to increase pressure on Russia “what can be” decisive stage of the war ”, Analyzes for its part washington post. ” US leaders are determined to help Ukraine survive the upcoming showdown, as well as weaken Russia in the long run to prevent future invasion. “.

The amount of this new financial assistance also shows: that Washington is preparing for a longer war that could last for months “, considers, for its part, wall street magazine like Financial Times. And fund such efforts Biden proposes redirecting confiscated assets of Russian oligarchs to Ukraine “, reports the correspondent of the Belgian newspaper in the United States. Evening which explains” that this operation promises to be (however) difficult and controversial “Because it would require violate the 4th amendment and confiscate private property “, a” previous risky “, Comments Evening which reports that even Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warns: that we will have to think very seriously about the consequences of such a measure “.

Putin strikes Kyiv amid visit of UN Secretary General

Just hours after the new US aid was announced last night, Russia struck the Ukrainian capital for the first time in 2 weeks. in the midst of the visit of UN head António Guterres, who was completing negotiations with President Zelensky “, reports wall street magazine who sees it a clear sign that Moscow will not ease the pressure on Ukraine “.

BUT” provocation said washington post after Guterres vehemently condemned “ tragedy and absurdity “war and asked” that war crimes will be punished “Ukrainian justice already” more than 8,000 cases detected alleged war crimes after the Russian invasion, and identified 10 Russian soldiers allegedly involved in the massacre in Bucha. “, reports Guardian. About the atrocities that Moscow ” keep denying “, – emphasizes the British newspaper. Just yesterday, President Putin was once again interrogated crimes committed by Ukrainian security forces or even staged “.

Is “general mobilization” being prepared in Russia?

In any case, this is the fear of an American military analyst who, in Australian, explain” that the exhaustion of Russian troops could leave Putin with only a choice: return home boasting of a false victory, or declare a general mobilization of all Russian men fit for military service. “.

A mobilization that would mark the end of the so-called ” special operation “open the way” to a protracted war “, an American analyst fears, for whom” the offensive in the Donbass is in any case the last major offensive that the Russian army can carry out, given the weakness of its state and its offensive potential “.

Russia launches its “military dolphins” in the Black Sea

The news is covered by a significant portion of the international press, while “ satellite images recorded the presence of these dolphins in the port of Sevastopol “, reports washington post which explains” that these dolphins were undoubtedly used to protect this strategic naval base in the Black Sea “. “ These dolphins are trained to detect mines and warn of the presence of hostile divers who might try to come in and sabotage Russian warships. “, – comments from his side Guardian.

Since the 1960s, the Russian Navy, like the US Navy, washington post thus trains dolphins and sea lions, marine mammals that have hearing, extremely sophisticated biosonar, more powerful than electronic sonars. and therefore better able detect any potential threats “.


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