Gregoire Landers: “My father has always been considered a cross-country coach!”

The day after your first group victory on the flats with the thoroughbred, how do you feel?

Etienne Landers: It warmed our hearts, especially the whole team. We coaches always have teeth, but sometimes it’s harder for staff to stay motivated during tough times.

Gregory Linders: We are on a small cloud! I expected that Mr. Saint Paul works well but win Group to Longchampprep day, it’s special.

What was the reaction of those around you?

EL: Very good ! People from the region were also very happy for us, as were President of Nantes since it was on his hippodrome Mr. Saint Paul began. Like what, we can start in the provinces and win Group to Paris.

GL: My brother called me as soon as the post was crossed, he was happy and proud. And the fact that our father was so excited helped us. This proves that he is not exhausted!

What do you think this victory shows?

EL: I never had a chance to win Group at the front, maybe because I was younger and shyer. And I’ve always had a reputation as an obstacle coach. The fact is that we always adapt to the boundaries that we have. We have also had more flat horses in recent years, with ten 2 year olds in particular this year.

GL: This is the culmination of a lot of work. My father worked as a race horse trainer for a long time, but we have horses of all disciplines at home. And there we show that we can win Group to Paris. This proves that horses make us, and not vice versa!
It should also be noted that we have a team capable of overcoming flats and obstacles, as well as the appropriate infrastructure. When I see behavior Mr. Saint Paul Sunday, his posing style, we can be proud of the work we did with him!

Exactly, tell us about Mr. St. Paul…

GL: It was purchased from Sales Arcana. Tangi Saliuboss Haras de la Hay-Neuve, called me and told me about a horse that had real character and moved very well. Before he started at two, he rode with coltsEdouard Montfort and Mathieu Brasme because we didn’t have enough landmarks in the stable. He was in the lead! When he won Listed at the end of last year, some said that he made this value only thanks to the field. But when we look at the lines of his races, we understand that he does not come like a hair in a soup! That’s why the 21/1 odds he had on Sunday really surprised me!
He is dominant, a warrior. When he’s in a circle, he looks like he’s puffing out his chest! He has no complexes among the classic stables, so he removes complexes from us too! This is a manageable horse that is just developing. Theo Bachelo told me that he took the bit from him when Wertheimer and brother passed it and attacked it, dream flight just pushed him!

Who are its owners?

GL: These are the people who had shares when we had the Group stable. They are all from different walks of life, there is a catering butcher, an insurer, a general practitioner… Yvon Lasne, who was interviewed live, was very touched. His horses are like his children! It is in order to live these moments that we do this work to share with passionate people. And this also applies to a meeting in the provinces: when you win at Lev of Angers and the fact that the audience wants to stroke the horse pleases us!

EL: Yes that’s it ! Win or lose, above all it’s fun together!

About what the foal showed on Sunday, how do you imagine the rest of his program?

EL: Continue hen will make us face English. So I guess we’re going to find Group 3 before going to jockey club.

GL: At yesterday’s race Theo told me that we can afford everything! We will monitor the weather and especially play on the condition of the field. we can run hen May 15, but you can also go to Gish price May 10, which would allow him to receive grades in Sweet whipped cream.

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