Green Trophy: Focus on the third round this Sunday May 1st in Bern.


Track Profile

The green trophy returns to Ayr (age 28), in Bern. The last stage held at this hippodrome dates back to 2019. Rope course on the right, in the grass, with a circle of about 1310 meters. “This is a great track. Definitely one of the best turf runs in France. Shorten the distance » announced Bruno Maryscene location.

Forces present

This Sunday, May 1, at the 3rd stage, eighteen very good trotters, distributed over three starting steps, will fight at a distance of 2800 meters.

Surprise for the winner of the second stage in Ecommoy, Thiole Calimero will try to secure first place in the general classification. However, a resident Matthew Warin this time it will be a difficult task to get back 50 meters. On his way, he seems to be able to finish at the finish line.

Ideal for first level Gaspard d’Anji attracts attention. This resident of Jean Michel Baudouin stays for three performances of choice and starts on this surface with the highest ambitions, under the authority of Jean-Philippe Monclain. He will have to be especially careful Fepson, which continues to enjoy slight success at the Laval racecourse. Another candidate not to be overlookedDel Green Girl, who sets off with the confidence of his coach. This is an obligation to which Charlie Hesluin from mid-January. Based on his best titles, he should do well in this race.

As for the horses of the second post, there are serious candidates for victory, in particular the presence of Edie du Pomereux who would certainly have taken part in the finish at the 3rd stage of the GNT without incident. A resident of Sylvain Roger appreciates the grass paths, as evidenced by his victory at the hippodrome de Rambouillet last October 3rd. You can also see the availability Fragonard Case, who just finished second at the GNT round in Reims. If he remains in a similar form, he has a first chance in this event, as Felix du Burgh, which finished just behind the previous city in Reims. His coach Bruno Marie is showing a certain amount of confidence. Loyal, not the best perfect, can talk about him again for his return to the grass.

Professional opinion

Opinion of Bruno Marie, driving instructor Felix du Bourg: He remains in a good third place in the GNT in Reims. Since then, he has remained in good shape, and commitments come straight to him. At 25 meters, the task is not easy, because there are horses ahead who have a chance. But here, this is my region, I am 10 km from the autodrome, it would be foolish not to go there. Our ambition is to finish the job, otherwise it means that we do not know how to draw up documents. The horse participated in this race last year and was not inferior in any way. This is a horse that adapts to all tracks. We will still need an individual course, but this is a guided horse. It should be played early in the race.”

The opinion of Louis Beaudoin – the son of coach Gaspard d’Anji: “I think his last race was pretty good. The horse rested a little. Now she is ready for this race. go ahead, so it’s a good chance. Now we have to be wary Fepson, he starts in the same position as us and seems to be behind in earnings. This is our main rival. The horse takes its place in the top three. We came with good ambitions to this event.”

Charlie Hesluin as Fillette del Green bus driver: “During her last trip, she just flattened out. She did something very interesting. I have been aiming for this green trophy stage for three months. I’ve been thinking about this since mid-January. really comes in great shape for the occasion. Another time, in Cana, she kept her game well, because she had a task to return to 25 meters. We slipped and fell in the nose from the 4th, being without stealth. She is in really great condition. It’s a great race for her, she loves the grass. Mare reaches 100%”.

Photo of one of them: Jean-Charles Briens.

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