Green Trophy: Focus on Stage Two this Sunday, April 17 at Ecommoy.


Track profile

The green trophy is returned to Sarte. Last year, apart from the traditional final in Craon, not a single stage took place in this department. This Sunday, April 14, the direction of the Ekommoya Racecourse to this second stage. The rope path is on the right, in the grass, the length of the circle is about 1210 meters. “It’s a very good track, wide and varied, with big starting areas” announced Clement Duwaldestine.

Forces present

This second step promises to be tempting. Eighteen very good trotters, distributed over three starting steps, will fight at a distance of 2750 meters. Before impact, the task of the horses at 50 meters promises to be difficult due to the fact that the main characters rush to the first and second steps.

Amazing winner of the Grand Prix d’Angers Métropole (Gr.3), April 6, Clea Micelleri can take advantage of her current euphoria to continue her momentum, even if this time she faces the difficult task of getting back 25 meters. Associated with the leader in the rating of drivers, Alexander Abrivardaughter Rib of the Nile there is a good map to play. Also on the second starting level, a residentArno Desmotts, Elfiny’s Hope, detects an obligation to select less than 4000 € from the limit. Judging by his performances last autumn, he can play a good role if the course of the race is favorable for him.

Concerning the horses of the first echelon, the candidacy of the cadet of the competition, Gershwin de Chenu, attracts attention. Able to move forward, student Jean Michel Baudouin he has the means to get everyone to agree if he adapts well to the track, someone who has never raced on a grass track. However, the 7-year-olds won’t walk away defeated and seem to have the means to succeed. Farinelli Paulua just been imprisoned for this race, garden beacon This can draw with his right hand and Mortar Fuego is on the rise.

For elements starting from 50 meters, Elvis du Vallon seems to have the best theoretical chances. The winner of the 2021 Green Trophy Finals still holds an encouraging fifth place in Caen. If you return it, bring it closer to the first one, without making any effort, it can finish at the finish line. Honorary sixth last, despite the heading to the wind, Carnival Viviers is confirmed on grass and has the option to exit the game, e.g. Nut Diablo and cash ribswho will need to have a background in economics to shine.

Professional opinion

2 – Opinion Louis Baudouincoach’s son Gershwin de Chenu : “The horse had a voluntary break after a successful winter. She returned to training for a while and looks very good in the morning. The application is very good, and therefore this Sunday it will be shown barefoot. and hopefully the pitch won’t be too heavy. If everything goes well, he shouldn’t be out of the top three.”

10 – Opinion Frederic Heontrainer for Clea Micelleri : “The mare has just performed superbly keeping Rebella Matters under control. She is doing well and has since become light. She likes grass and should feel good again.”

12 – Notice ofArno Desmottsdriver instructorElfiny’s Hope : “He still shows good results in Enghien. Since then, he has performed well and has taken on individual responsibilities. He has little experience on grass, but that’s not a problem. I expect a good game.”

16 – Opinion Clement Duwaldestinedriver Carnival Viviers : “The horse remains in an honorable sixth place in Angers, where he was forced to return the wagon from the second thickness. It has a definite form, but the task looks difficult at 50 meters, because it is difficult to go the distance to Ecommoy. , returning to the grass will do him good, because his legs hurt. If we finish fourth or fifth, we will be happy.”

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