Game Of Silks Partners With Arbitrum To Improve Metaverse And GameFi Scalability


  • Arbitrum silk faucet set
  • Choose arbitration over other L2 solutions

Metaverse projects will only be successful if they can go beyond current technical limitations. Game of Silks, a thoroughbred racing company in the metaverse, recognizes the need for scalability. His partnership with Arbitrum is a step in the right direction.

Arbitrum silk faucet set

It is extremely important for developers to build their decentralized applications on Ethereum. After all, Ethereum remains the most important network for blockchain development and a growing community. Metaverse companies are also focused primarily on Ethereum, despite well-documented network bottlenecks. High transaction fees and low throughput remain relevant issues.

Although ETH 2.0 fixes some of these issues, the update was recently delayed. The core developers have said it will be several more months or more before the network merges with the Beacon network. This is a setback for developers and users of decentralized applications and Metaverse projects. In addition, the lack of scalability will hurt projects, forcing teams to look for alternative solutions.

Silk set, which introduces thoroughbred racing into the Metaverse, recognizes the importance of scalability. The team recently announced a partnership with Arbitrum’s Tier 2 solution to improve its throughput and liquidity. The first “play to earn” spin-off metaverse that mirrors real-life Thoroughbred racing should provide a smooth user experience. Arbitrum will improve the user experience on the platform, reduce gas fees and increase throughput.


Silks will use Arbitrum L2 technology for the GameFi user interface. In addition, choosing Arbitrum was easy as it is fully compatible with the EVM. The cross-chain approach of Game of Silks is transparent to users, and developers can easily manage the code. All of their trusted tools will be available.

Choose arbitration over other L2 solutions

It can be said that there are many layer 2 solutions that can provide a better experience than Ethereum. In addition, many of them are compatible with the EVM, for example Arbitration. The Game of Silks team carefully considered all options and settled on Arbitrum due to its exponential approach to increasing scalability and speed. More importantly, his team achieves this goal without sacrificing safety.

CSO Offchain Labs AJ Warner adds:

“We are thrilled to be working with the Game of Silks team to bring our racing metaverse to Arbitrum. As the Arbitrum ecosystem continues to grow, new verticals and user experiences will proliferate in a secure, cheap and fast execution environment. We’re excited to see what the Game of Silks team has in store.”

The partnership with Arbitrum is a strategic decision to improve the scalability of the Game of Silks ecosystem and the metaverse. The project received $2 million in funding led by Tropical Racing. The Tropical Racing Connection allows Silks to symbolize real Thoroughbred racehorses in the form of an NFT. The owners of these NFTs will be rewarded based on the performance, breeding and training of the horse in the real world.

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