From Louargate to Belle Isle on Rando Muco 2022 – Guingamp

  • 1 Departure from Luargate

  • On Sunday May 1st, the traditional Rando Muco will take place, a multi-sport day in favor of the fight against cystic fibrosis. And in addition to Nordic walking, trails or mountain biking, the event can also be done on horseback. Because in 2022 the Rando équestre will return, which will be organized on the same day. Racers, as before, will meet at the start in Luargata.

    “We see this as an opportunity and a challenge. We see it this way.”

  • 2 First time on the team

  • The same city, but not the same stable: Max Le Mau will no longer be in the organization. He passed the baton to Andreenne Benoit and Guillaume Gardien of the Domaine des Sureaux, the owners’ stable, also from the Louargate. They were contacted at the end of 2021. What’s a little stressful? “We want it to be just as good. Max figure in tourism and in the sector. But we see it as an opportunity and a challenge. This is how we see it,” says Andreanne Benoit.

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    (The Telegram/Valentin Bude)
  • 3Two dishes

  • Riders will be offered two different courses. The first is a 28 km loop following the route of its predecessor. “We did not change him, we are the first year in the organization, we trust him.” Nevertheless, Andreanne Benois believes that it is designed for “experienced tourists.” That is why a second 12 km loop, shorter, will also be offered. “We wanted it to be more accessible, especially for those who enjoy hiking but don’t want to travel long distances or don’t have horses to do so.”

    “Riders are not concerned with meeting runners or cyclists. Because they are racing and the drivers are more relaxed.”

  • 4 What is the topography?

  • “The course itself is not difficult. There are a few apartments, but still quite hilly, with many paths, and also with a passage to Belle-Ile-en-Terre, ”Andreanne Benoit lists. “Besides that, the rest are very wooded areas.” In particular, a large part in the forest of Coat-en-Noz. The 28 km track will also pass on the outskirts of Plouneves-Moedek and Lok Envel. 12 km will be only on the Luargate.

  • 5 Departure early in the morning

  • The hike is intended for riders, horse owners. Andreenne Benois will not lend them on the spot. “I don’t have a cavalry yet,” the one who settled in 2019 justifies himself. To begin with, “everyone does as he wants”, with one restriction, the schedule: no later than 9:15 for a large cycle and 10:15 for a small one. “The concern is not about meeting runners or cyclists. Because they are racing and the drivers are more relaxed.” Coffee is available at the reception and fast food is available upon arrival. All receipts go, of course, to Rando Muko.

    elderberry field;  luargate;  stable
    (The Telegram/Valentin Bude)

  • 6 What’s next?

  • Andreenne Benoist and Guillaume Gardien “didn’t hesitate” when the offer was made. “We want to upgrade the horse paths. This is a real heritage,” says Andreanne Benoit. “We understand that the forest is not exploited so much. We also want to highlight Luargat and develop activities in this sector.” A desire that will also benefit the riding that the Domaine des Sureaux wants to continue organizing. “The idea is to do it again every year and improve as you go. We’re about to do a survey and are we ready to change course based on the feedback? “. In addition to these possible changes, a trailer could also be introduced, as well as a brazier in the stable. Follow in 2023?


    Sunday, May 1st, at the Domaine des Sureaux, Kergadiou, in the Louargate. Cost of horseback riding: 10 euros. Registration for Rando Muco (all disciplines combined) at

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