Football. AS Ifs winning goal that pissed off Ouistreham

Hugo Unger and the Ifs players won against Ouistreham.
Hugo Unger and the Ifs players won against Ouistreham. ©AS IFS

This is something like a remake of the Champions League offered by AS Ifs and Ouistrham. This Sunday, April 17, we will play the first leg in Ifs, and next Saturday the second leg will take place in the Côtes de Nacre. But after failing to aim for the European crown, the two teams facing relegation to R3 will come out of the red zone in the main. Last summer’s ambition to move up in R1 on both the Mendès-France and Kieffer sides is now far off target and the target, significantly revised downwards, is simply to leave four clubs behind in the final classification. Therefore, we measure the stakes of this meeting, which would deserve the two opponents to have all their elements, which is far from the case this Easter weekend.

The referee has risen to the level of the game …

From the first minutes of the game, we felt that this issue fell on the shoulders of the players. The bet killed the game, as we used to say in such circumstances. And, undoubtedly, it was this pressure that prevented the actors from completely relaxing. Worse yet, the referee “has risen” to the level of the game, if it was not the other way around, and it was his ambiguous refereeing that “contaminated” the game. Fortunately, his assistants did not fail their task. But after all, the arbiter has the right, like the players, to be on the “day without”.

A controversial goal with serious consequences

AS Ifs scored the only goal of the game early in the game. Matteo Gilbert has a free kick from Jonathan Tendron. Great!.. Except that there was no mistake in the origin of the free kick and that the referee was the only person in the stadium who saw it. No doubt realizing his mistake, he lost sight of the progress of the meeting and spent the rest of the game whistling in a hurry. Other than that goal, which was super important after all, nothing remarkable happened during those first 45 minutes, except for a lot of mistakes, a lot of technical expenses, a lot of disputes… In short, too much!

More action after the break

After the break, the game relaxed a bit and the goalkeepers got a little more tense. Sometimes we came close to the goal at half-time for Ifs, as in the case of the equalizer for Ouistreham. But the two goalkeepers performed flawlessly, like this authoritative Stanislas Frygut on the feet of Jonathan Tendron, or like Maxence Catherine, who brilliantly saved two shots from Thomas Renault, real match points. In the absence of good football, indecision and uncertainty will keep this meeting interesting. Finally, a goal from Gilbert Matteo will be enough to make Ifua happy, who will return to the classification in front of their unfortunate opponents… A goal that Benjamin Matan’s teammates will not easily cash in.

Match sheet

Arbitration: D. Shala ; Half Time: 1-0

Warnings: yew:TAmu (42nd), Dorenlo (65th), Bido (88th), Moreau (97th)

Ouistreham: Zuiani (44th), Matan (80th), Corbet (97th and 98th)

Video: now on Actu

Exile: Corbet (98th)

Target: Gilbert (9th)

AS IF: Katherine, Dorenlot, Ann, Bido, Gilbert, Beliard, Mboma, Tamukh, Tendron (cap), Romazh, Sow; Rplaceholders: Lefebvre, Moreau, Anger; Trainer: K. Leroux

Ouistreham: Frigou, Leger, Corbet, Savarok, Matan, Le Gall, Zuiani, Ires, Renault, Allen, Leforestier; Substitutes: Diot, Abriol; Trainer: D. Orange

The reaction of the coaches

Kevin Leroux (AS Ifs): “We are on a break in our dual showdown with Ouistreham. We perform the correct first half, not having time to let go of the horses. These matches, the players approach them with fear. I’m not a fan of playing a long game for an hour and a half, but today we wanted our goal to not be intimidating. We could take cover earlier. Now we are all ready to play until the last second on June 5th. »

Dylan Orange (Ouistreham): “The league is postponing the last two days of the championship so that clubs don’t play during the week, but are requiring us to play a match in the middle of the Easter weekend. Today we had seven players missing. Despite this, we managed not to lose him. However, we experienced too many losses on the last and penultimate passes. I certainly regret this goal, which burdens us and does not allow us to leave our opponent behind in the standings. We know that maintenance will be played until the last moment. »

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