EXCLUDED – “A lot of pain and sadness”: Clemence, daughter of Jean Rochefort, breaks the news about her mother

Jean Rochefort passed away five years ago. The actor, who was due to celebrate his birthday this Friday, April 29, left behind his wife, Françoise, as well as five children born from three different relationships. During an interview given Gala.frher daughter Clemence agreed to break the news about her mother.

She was his mainstay, his ally for more than thirty years. Having experienced a love story with Alexandra Moscow, the mother of his first two children, then with Nicole Garcia, with whom he had a son named Pierre, Jean Rochefort married Francoise Vidal again. An architect twenty years his junior who gave him two daughters: Louise, born in 1990, and Clemence, born two years later. Gathered around the same passionwhat about horses, they love for over thirty years. The disappearance of the actor in 2017 was not a surprise left traces. If his wife never ceased to be smiling and optimistic, now we can read a hint of melancholy in some of her expressions after the death of her husband. This is what his daughter, Clemence, admitted in an interview with Gala.fr.

About my father, my mother always kept a kind of nonchalance, she said: “Everything will be fine, he will live longer.” She was less serious than me in this matter. I saw that he was not going to live that long. She always wanted to remain optimistic, perhaps to cheer herself up.“, she said. So the actor’s death at the age of 87 was”very difficult“to overcome for the sake of the wife:”When he left, it was obviously very hard. Time does things, it’s true, but I still see a lot of pain and sadness. She is still in pain. She is still cheerful, but has become more serious.admitted his daughter Clemence, an actress like her father.

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© AGENCY / BESTIMAGEFrancoise Vidal flanked by Louise and Clemence Rochefort during the funeral of Jean Rochefort at Saint-Thomas d’Aquin church in Paris on October 13, 2017.

A united and close-knit couple, according to their daughter

Near Gala.fr, 30-year-old girl agreed to discuss a loving and accomplice couple created by his parents :”My father had already met a man who loved horses as much as he did. They decided to build a stud farm near Paris, which was something of a dream for both of them.“, – she said. And add: “They were very independent and at the same time very close. They laughed a lot together, they told me that it’s very important to laugh as a couple, and it’s true that I have always seen them laugh. Even with time, in old age, they still laughed a lot.Clemence Jean Rochefort repeated to his daughter:You must accept life with loftiness, laughing.“An offer that his descendants will never forget.

Jean Rochefort and his wife Francoise Vidal at the French Open at Roland Garros in Paris on May 29, 2014.
© DOMINIK JACOVIDES / BESTIMAGEJean Rochefort and his wife Francoise Vidal at the French Open at Roland Garros in Paris on May 29, 2014.

Mother and daughters are closer today

If the actor continues to occupy another, but no less important place in his family, his disappearance, of course, affected the bonds between members of this family. After the death of friend Guy Bedos, the relationship between Françoise Vidal and her daughter Clemence changed somewhat:I became even closer to my mother. We were already very close, but the disappearance of my father brought us even closer.This Friday, April 30, mother and daughter will celebrate an important date, Jean Rochefort’s birthday, which falls – a happy coincidence in life – on the same day as his wife’s birthday. “It’s always strange, he kicks againbecause we always celebrated it together“, – his youngest admitted with nostalgia. There is no doubt that where he is, Jean Rochefort continues to closely monitor his family …


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