everything you’ve never been told about the queen

She is a real queen. The one who went through all the crises. Favorite grandmother of the British, but not only. Elizabeth II is the queen of all records. We think we know everything about her, and yet we have something to tell.

So RTL launches a series of eight exceptional podcasts dedicated to Elizabeth II in collaboration with the magazine Point of view, on April 21, he turned 96 years old.

Few people know, but Elizabeth II does not have a passport. She is the only British citizen who does not have this official document. Why ? Because the passports were issued in his name and with his coat of arms. It would be a little strange if she could show up with a document bearing her picture.

It’s the same with driver’s licenses. The Queen of England doesn’t have a driver’s license even if she’s driving. And I love it. Elizabeth II is also known for her athletic demeanor. Moreover, his behavior was a political weapon. In September 1998, the Queen of England frightened Prince Abdullah, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and future king (2005-2015).

She doesn’t have a dime in her pocket

Elizabeth II may be rich, but she does not have a penny in her pocket. Already because everything is decided for her either before or after. And then, again, it is she on the banknotes. It would be a bit of a monopoly if Elizabeth II started using her own tickets.

We know what Queen Elizabeth II has in her purse. She has glasses, a beautiful Parker pen that she never takes off, a cloth handkerchief, usually lipstick, and some mint or a snack in case you get tired during long formal ceremonies.

She got a lot of animals… as a gift.

The Queen received many animals as gifts during her reign. In 1972, the President of Cameroon presented him with an elephant. The animal arrived by boat and was welcomed at the London Zoo.

Even Elizabeth II was presented with two jaguars from Brazil, a Nile crocodile, six kangaroos, two pygmy hippos, which are not dwarfs at all … And since she has a passion for horses, she obviously received a lot of horses, including one very beautiful Arabian stallion. . These animals are kept at the London Zoo where they are very well taken care of.

She celebrates her birthday twice

Queen Elizabeth II is the only person in the world who has two birthdays. This is an ancient tradition started by his great-grandfather Edward VII (1841-1910). There is his birthday, April 21, and his official birthday, which usually coincides with a big military parade. Troops of color (“Salut aux couleurs”), which takes place on the first weekend of June.

All this comes from a tradition associated with the weather. His great-grandfather was born in November, and this is not the best time to organize festivities in nature. June is more comfortable.

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