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Knowing the straight runner is essential to building the betting formula correctly. But how to find out the starting fifth? Which horses are eligible for an A? What factors should we rely on to select the right horses for the straight runner? Questions we will cover in this article dedicated to the fifth starter!

Starting with Quinté, what is it already?

Quinte starter is an expression used in turf for the 5 horses selected to start a fifth race. Compared to other horse betting formulas, straight is the most popular due to the many variations and combinations it allows to create. Now most horse racing betting sites such as PMU, Zeturf and Unibet among many other betting formulas offer direct horse racing.

How long before the race to know the starting five?

Experienced players know that it is important to know the starting line as early as possible before the start of the race. Thus, the player has time to learn about the standards of the starting five in order to better prepare and justify his bet. As a rule, the horses selected for the starting five are announced. 48 hours before the start of the racewhich leaves enough margin to build your bet well.

How are the starting five horses selected?

The horses participating in the races are not chosen randomly. In the same way that an athlete must be sufficiently prepared to compete, a horse in a quint is selected based on its performance and explosive power. These are racehorses that are trained daily by qualified racing trainers. Other criteria such as the horse’s previous performance, endurance or musical technique.

What is the fifth runner tomorrow?

Tomorrow’s Five Starter is an expression for the 5 horses selected to compete in the following day’s Five. Tomorrow’s fifth runner is usually announced 24 or 48 hours before the start of the race on horse racing betting platforms. And here again, knowing the five players of tomorrow allows you to better build the formula of the game and prepare your bet well.

When will the fifth result be announced?

The result of the straight race is known at the end of the race. For those who haven’t been able to see the horse races live, there is an opportunity to find out the fifth result on horse racing betting sites or on sites specializing in turf.

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Horse betting, basic betting formulas

Betting on the field is a tradition that has been around much earlier than you think. What was originally just a means of entertainment soon became a particularly lucrative market with the advent of horse racing betting. Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the glasses, and the lawn has become an independent discipline, with its own laws, its own codes and its own game techniques, available betting formulas and many possible game techniques. play to start.

Among the existing horse betting formulas, the main ones are:


tiercé is a horse betting formula that consists of finding the first 3 horses of a race in order or in disorder. In this type of bet fifth report much more important if the player finds arrival of the fifth to. The minimum bet for a triple bet is €1, but it doesn’t offer many wins in extraordinary. In 2012, the world record was set for a triple win with a jackpot of €32,060.


With a quart, the racer bids on 4 horses and must finish the quint in order or out of turn. Players who manage to determine the order of the first three horses receive a bonus. And again in 2012, the record for winning a quartet was obtained with an amount of more than 100,000 euros!


Much more popular than the previous two betting formulas, quinte offers a greater variety of possibilities and combinations. Thus, by playing straight, you can get a bigger win. To succeed in the top five, you can:

  • Guess the arrival of 5 horses in order.
  • Find the arrival of 5 horses in a mess.
  • Find the first 4 horses regardless of order and get a bonus of 4.

Other combinations are possible with the 5, making this formula the most valuable for experienced racers.

Best Lawn Welcome Bonuses

Turf has never been so trendy and many online platforms specialize in betting on horses such as PMU, Zeturf and Betclic. What’s more, these three sites offer generous horse racing betting bonuses to people who sign up on their platforms.

  • Up to 200 euros for PMU : PMU offers to double your first deposit up to 200 euros if you select turf as your game universe during registration.
  • Up to 250 euros on Zeturf : On Zeturf, you can get 250 euros as a bonus for 5 steps to bet on the lawn.
  • Up to 250 euros at Betclic : The Betclic welcome offer is identical to that of Zeturf and allows you to receive up to €250 in free horse racing bets.

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Quint Starter Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s end this starting line file with a FAQ to learn more about this staking formula!

What is the evolution of the fifth?

The Evolution of the Five is a set of data collected during the races of the Five to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the horses, giving the turfist more information to select a stallion to bet on.

Where to put on the fifth?

Fiver betting is possible on all online horse racing betting platforms such as PMU, Zeturf and Betclic, among others.

Who can bet on five?

Anyone with an interest in turf can try their luck at the A by signing up for a horse betting site. However, keep in mind that gambling, such as lawn, can only be played by persons over the age of 18.

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