Edward Levy: “My main goal is to always strive for self-improvement”

This weekend, Edward Levy made a splash with Rebeca L.S. by winning the CSI5* Ski Jumping Grand Prix, his first win at such a level. Let’s return to the special flavor of this victory, a great success for the whole team.

This weekend you signed your first CSI5* Grand Prix win with Rebeca Ls. How did you experience it?

It’s a win that’s been around for a while, I really wanted to transform the test, Rebeca really deserves it! Last year we were already second, or when we won the 5* Grand Prix, it was more of an urban Grand Prix format. I was very happy, this is a victory that makes me and my whole team very happy. 5* Grand Prix wins are always significant, I’m glad that I can show that the work is going well. For me, it just makes me want to keep doing what I love and win more.

Hubside Jumping is a competition where you regularly perform well. What do you think of this scheme?

This is a competition where ideal conditions are created for the horses, we have an indoor arena so that you can work on a flat surface, the track is very large, we have a very good area, good equipment. There are all conditions for good performances. It is true that my horses have done quite well there and I am very glad that I can come here often, there is always good sport here.

First win at this level ©Sportfot / HUBSIDE JUMPING

How do you work in your system from day to day?

I took advantage of many years of internship, experience abroad, to look at different systems, take a little bit of what I thought was good in terms of how I wanted to work. Today I have a fairly complete team: a stable manager, a groom in competitions, a groom in the house, a rider in competitions who has his own groom. I also have a secretary, which is a whole team that surrounds me daily so that the horses can go outside three times a day so that we can manage a stable of almost 25 horses when I am on the road almost every week. . It is for all these reasons that we have this whole team and I am very happy with the people around me, it’s just happiness.

Apart from your leading horses who support you in the most beautiful events, who are your horses of the future?

Today we have a dozen horses ranging in age from 5 to 8 years old. We have four very good 7 year old horses in our stable, in particular Jecibel I du Seigneur, Junior du Seigneur. I also have a brand new 7 year old Kind of Magic Z which was in St Trpoez at 1*. We also have very good 5 year old horses with my partners Simon Lorrain, Haras de Riverland, Haras de Bruhlmeil. I really can’t wait to see them grow up, even if I’m not really excited to grow old (laughs). I can’t wait for all these horses to reach the top level in 2/3 years.

Tell us more about Rebeca LS, your partner for many years?

She has almost all the qualities, she is modern, very respectful, she has many amenities, a completely natural performing gesture, she knows how to break away or retreat, she is an almost perfect mare. She is a beautiful woman, when we cook her, she makes us understand that we should not pinch anything on her. But it is this temperament that makes her such a warrior. And at home she is very calm, she knows that this is stretching, decompression, walking, etc. We are lucky that we have a gallop track in the middle of the field and paddocks, it’s really a very green environment. She is a very playful mare in competition, but when it comes to breaks and relaxation sessions, she is just fine.

What will be the rest of the program for the season and your goals?

This week I’m going to La Baule with Uno de Cerisy, Catchar Mail and Confidence d’Ass. Uno is back from a great performance at Fontainebleau, he’s in good shape and I hope there will be a great meeting at La Baule. Rebecca will have a full 15 day break and then present herself at the Global competitions in Ramatuelle (Saint Tropez) and Cannes and then we will see a new break period before jumping from the Eiffel Tower in Paris at the end of June. My goal is to always improve in my riding, in the way I ride, in order to be able to use my horses on the track as well as possible and get to know them better. I always have this main goal – to strive to improve myself as a rider and rider. And at a sporting level, he will be present on the 5* circuit, competitive, with some Nations Cups and especially other great victories.

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