Eastern Pyrenees: The corpse of a horse, recovered more than 96 hours after its death, stirs emotions in Bages.

The manager of a horse boarding house in Bages had to wait more than 4 days before the intervention of the housekeeping staff caused serious inconvenience to the area. According to professionals in the industry, the collection time is considered to be increasingly long, but in line with the obligations of the respective company.

The smell of death spread over the weekend up to 500 meters around this horse boarding house in Bages, before disappearing under the influence of Tramontana. Indeed, it took more than 96 hours to see the carcass of the horse, which had died its long life four days earlier, finally removed this Monday. On the spot, the image of these thousands of maggots and flies, nibbling at what was left of the animal at the level of the neck and up to the mouth, spilling a blackish liquid on the ground, is inevitably heartbreaking.

This weekend was unbearable, I hardly saw anyone on the street. I was going to feed the animals with a clothespin on my nose and a two-layer mask. I have alerted the gendarmerie, the municipal police and the district so that they know. I even contacted the mayor’s office to see if there was communal land away from the houses to move the body. It’s unthinkable to see an animal wither like this‘, says Christophe Fiselier.

We would not leave a person for half a day like this in nature

However, the person in charge of 20 years of this horse pension immediately asked the owner of the animal to make an online process with the nearest assistance service located in Béziers before doubling the phone call to see if a truck was available. the same day due to high temperatures. “In fact, I was told that in P.-O. there was a truck. at the time, but that the driver could not work overtime. The client even offered a financial grace period to unlock the vehicle on Friday, but the truck was out of stock, while Atemax guarantees removal within two business days.” laments the professional.

This resident of Bazhes unsuccessfully tried to contact other companies. “There are some, but they are more like undertakers. One of them could travel from Nimes during the day, but it cost 1800 euros, while with Atemax it is 640. They could well have made a detour on Thursday, knowing that they would not be able to return until after 4 days. They want to take over the market and have a monopoly, but they don’t make any effort behind themselves. We would not leave a person for half a day like this in nature.

When contacted, Atemax said to itself “sorry for this situation“but denies any shortcomings on the part of his team.”We are very sorry about this poor connection, but by law we have two full days to collect, which is different from 48 hours. Therefore, from a very cold point of view, we can consider that the deadlines were met.“, says Sophie Grégoire, director of communications at Akiolis, which owns the rendering service Atemax.

The manager believes that everything has been done to find a solution. “Judging by the analytical grid of our collection agent, the condition of the horse was not so bad. Technically, we shouldn’t have removed the horse either, because it was not in the render site, but in a shelter, and we forbid our agents to take risks..” Well aware of this issue, the group is considering creating a new express collection (or premium) collection offer that guarantees a special collection for an additional fee. However, the service will still not operate on weekends or holidays.

3 Questions for David Vincent, President of the Departmental Riding Committee

What inspires you in this situation?

Rendering is a recurring problem, and it’s recurring more and more. In general, they are quite fast, but they do not mind leaving us as a corpse in a club with children around … These companies used to belong to the state, but were bought out to form a quasi-monopoly with an administrative system where everything is done by a person. don’t take too much into account. They carry out the planned work, leaving no room for individual cases. Everything is done on the Internet and upon arrival you have to prepare the horse and make it accessible, unshod… If their conditions are not met, they do not take it and you stay at home with the corpse.

Could the inconvenience in Bages be avoided?

On the day this resident called, there was a truck in the office. It was a small detour, but the driver would break the rules and they don’t want to pay the fines. There is a system that makes us a bit like robots, and that adaptation is no more. These companies not only breed horses, but also remove cattle, sheep and even human excrement from hospitals… We are only a small part of their activities.

Can you suggest any solutions?

Together with the Chamber of Agriculture, we are working on this file independently to find solutions for faster exports and lower prices, but this is very difficult to achieve. The simplest thing would be to get these large structures to provide on-call services that could intervene quickly on the weekends, knowing that there were 9,000 horses in the department.

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