Disney villains: who is the most cruel of them all?

Just because Disney is family-friendly doesn’t mean there aren’t some bad things in their movies. In fact, some of these villains border on being inappropriate for kids, from their deliberate disregard for human life to their jubilant sadism.

As people browse through Disney’s impressive catalog of villains and choose the most brutal of them, it’s easy to see that some villains are worse than others. These villains have tried the line between PG and PG-13 as some of the most vicious Disney villains of all time.

Updated April 14, 2022 by Sean S. Lealos: In recent years, Disney has done some interesting things with their films. Where once there were battles between good and evil, there are no longer so many real villains in modern Disney cartoons. In Moana, this was a misunderstanding that needed to be corrected. Encanto and Turning Red were all about adapting.

However, going back to the long history of Disney animation, there are many Disney villains who only have bad deeds in mind to inflict on the heroes. These male and female Disney villains are a strong mix of evil witches, politicians, pirates and dogs, all focused on one thing. They just want to be bad.

fifteen Gaston – Beauty and the Beast

Gaston is an incredibly vain character. But in fact, it’s this selfishness that makes him less despicable than other Disney villains. Gaston is a jerk in almost everything he does, but he’s not a sadist.

As long as he does what he wants, he’s not even that bad. Problems arise when he does not get what he wants, which leads him into an unstable, even aggressive state. Gaston is a wild boar, but he is quite far down the list of “most cruel”.

fourteen Madame Medusa – Rescuers

There is a malicious joy in Madame Medusa’s actions. T-shapedrescuersshe not only kidnaps the child, but also puts her in danger in order to retrieve the jewels.

However, she is not as evil as the other female Disney villains because while she seems to enjoy her deeds, her evil deeds only apply to one person. However, kidnapping children and forcing them to collect jewelry is not a good thing.

thirteen Don Leader – Zootopia

Dawn Bellweather was a villain who wasn’t as bad as other female Disney villains because she felt like she was doing the right thing for people like her. AT zootopiaall animals were not created equal, even if they all lived together in peace.

The mammals ruled over everything, with the lion as the mayor and the buffalo as the chief of police. Both kept smaller animals, with Bellweather being treated like a secretary and Judy working as a housekeeper rather than a real cop. However, her activities of breeding mammals with a rare medicine endangered everyone, and she eventually tried to kill Judy.

12 Captain Hook – Peter Pan

Like Gaston, Captain Hook’s cruelty only comes out when he himself is offended. Of course, he wants to kill Peter Pan, but in fairness, the guy cut off his hand. In this case, Peter is not an angel.

Unlike Gaston, there is a sinister glee in Hook as he plots the downfall of Pan and the Lost Boys. However, Hook’s brutality isn’t half as developed as most Disney villains. He even gives Wendy and the gang a chance to join him against Peter.

eleven Queen of Hearts – Alice in Wonderland

It says a lot about a Disney villain when one of the things he loves the most is decapitating anyone who disagrees with him. When Alice in Wonderlandthis description fits the queen of hearts, someone who wants to be in charge.

What’s most interesting about the Queen of Hearts is that she doesn’t seek power like Maleficent or beauty like the Evil Queen in white as snow. The Queen of Hearts just wants to get what she wants, and when she doesn’t get it, she just screams “cut your head off” and expects someone to follow through on her threat.

ten Hades – Hercules

No wonder God of the Underworld has stood the test of time as one of Disney’s worst villains. In the Greek pantheon, Hades always wanted to overthrow Zeus and take over the world. AT Herculeshe attacked the demigod son Zeus.

The desire for power was enough to corrupt Hades and make him an even more despicable figure. He abducted souls, abducted babies, and tried to kill members of his family. What makes Hades so dangerous is that he will never break his promises by talking about liars and cheaters in Disney animation.

nine Maleficent – Sleeping Beauty

When Disney started turning their classic animation into live-action films, one of the first things they started doing was trying to exonerate their worst villains. That’s what happened to Maleficent. sleeping Beauty. The Evil Woman got her own movie and became the hero of her own story.

However, in sleeping Beautyshe was pure evil. Maleficent cursed Aurora as an infant to an untimely death, which was one of the worst things a Disney villain did. Unfortunately for her, she did not reach her goal and eventually fell.

eight Dr. Facilier – The Princess and the Frog

Dr. Facilier is a magician who uses his powers and voodoo tricks to become a wealthy man, and he does so without caring who he hurts or who he walks on. He often promises great things and rewards to those he meets, but then turns those promises into pain.

Facilier’s main goal is to kill the rich Big Daddy and take all his wealth for himself. He is selfish, greedy, deadly and one of the most dishonest Disney villains in all of animated films.

7 Cruella d’Enfer – 101 Dalmatians

It’s impossible to list the most violent Disney characters without mentioning the woman with the word “violent” in her name. Cruella de Vil is a particularly heartless Disney villain, and not just because she’s selfish. Cruella actually gets some joy at the thought of killing puppies.

While technically she doesn’t want to kill people and may not be as bad as other Disney villains, there is something terribly sadistic about someone who hurts animals. In the feature film, they tried to rehabilitate her, but in 101 dalmatiansno one was worse.

6 Ursula – Little Mermaid

Ursula may enjoy being evil more than anyone in a Disney animated movie. She’s like a classic soap opera villain, happy to wreak havoc on people’s personal lives. It may just be because of her great solo song, but Ursula seems to really enjoy the mischief she causes.

She enjoys going through the stages of her projects and looks forward to new opportunities for their implementation. Ursula is the showman of her performances, demonstrating them like a tap dancer performing a special number. She is also probably the funniest villain to watch.

5 Jafar – Aladdin

There’s a reason why Jafar turns into a grinning snake at the end. Aladdin. He is so vile, so pleased with his atrocities, that it is only logical that he takes the form of the most slippery deceiver in nature. However, in AladdinJafar’s cruelty is rooted in arrogance, which lessens it somewhat.

He enjoys catching Princess Jasmine in a fast-filling hourglass, but he’s half as happy with making the giant hourglass as he is with catching her. However, Jafar’s arrogance takes on a particularly cruel quality. He hurts people for fun, not just because they hurt him.

4 Evil Queen – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Jafar and the Evil Queen are peas from the same rotten pod. The Evil Queen also revels in her art, which makes her particularly cruel to anyone she considers inferior, which is probably everyone. However, she is scarier than Jafar.

Even in her “beautiful” form, the Evil Queen seems straight out of a medieval horror tale. Because of her talent, her pride, and her worthy impression of Elizabeth Bathory, she will almost always be considered one of Disney’s most despicable villains.

3 Shang Yu-Mulan

Shan Yu’s inspiration clearly came from the fierce khans of antiquity. Like those bloody conquerors, he enjoys not only winning battles, but also humiliating his enemies. Shang Yu is worse than many other power-hungry Disney villains.

Victory for him means the total destruction of culture and in general the people who live there. Due to this uniquely inhuman method of leadership, he remains one of the most diabolical villains ever created by Disney.

2 John Ratcliff – Pocahontas

Governor John Ratcliffe is a villain you can’t even have fun with. He is a murderous racist; the type of villain who gets too close to the real story for comfort. Not only is Ratcliff prejudiced and hateful, he is also convinced that he is doing the right thing.

One of the worst things a villain can be, as we’ve seen so many times throughout real life history, is a belief in one’s own righteousness.

one Claude Frollo – The Hunchback of Notre Dame

As the “Minister of Justice” of Paris, Claude Frollo committed so many heinous and biased crimes that it’s hard to see him as anything other than the worst of Disney’s worst villains. He kills many gypsies and then reluctantly adopts them because he is afraid of going to hell.

But even after adopting the man and raising him as his own, Frollo is still happy to lock him out of the world and even try to kill him when he gets in his way. Frollo has Ratcliffe’s convictions, Shan Yu’s tactics, and a callousness that even the Evil Queen would find disturbing.

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