Disney+: Platform Celebrates Earth Day with New Documentaries! – Movie news

This Friday, April 22, we celebrate Earth Day! To bring attention to our planet, which is so important and vital, the Disney+ platform is introducing new exclusive content, not to mention the many other programs already available.

As climate change threatens our environment and its biodiversity on a daily basis, Earth Day calls on citizens around the world to protect this planet that is so dear to us. On this occasion, find a lot of content that illuminates the Earth and its magnificence. Disney+ !


Among the new releases this Friday, April 22, on the occasion of Earth Day, the Polar Bear feature film joins the impressive Disneynature collection already available on the platform. In a world increasingly hostile to polar bears, directors Alastair Fothergill and Jeff Wilson film these strong and adorable mammals in their natural habitat in Norway’s Svalbard archipelago.

“These are extraordinarily beautiful creatures that dominate the environment. The scenery is stunning and the cubs are simply adorable.” Alastair Fothergill says. Let yourself be taken on this unforgettable adventure that also highlights the impact of climate change on this species, forced to adapt to many shocks. The Polar Bear Movie is available exclusively on Disney+.


Pay attention to fans of the Oscar-winning Free Solo and climbing fans: the platform lifts the veil on a new documentary that should please you. Explorer: The Last Tepui tells the story of yet another feat of climber Alex Honnold, this time accompanied by explorer Mark Sinnott and his team. Together they will try to reach the tepui, a high, steep-sided rocky plateau in the heart of the Amazon jungle.

A notable feat, but also an important one: biologist Bruce Means also searches for yet unknown animal species in the cliff wall during the trip. Discover breathtaking footage of this perilous expedition in this National Geographic documentary.


After the 2018 documentary Anything’s Possible (VO’s Biggest Little Farm), Molly and John Chester continue their adventure this year on Disney+ with a new special, Anything’s Possible, Return. A farming couple lifts the veil on the development of their project: the sustainable Apricot Lane Farms. And don’t miss the adorable animals that have been invited into their daily lives!


An uplifting film about the dangers of global warming and its already visible catastrophic consequences, Before the Flood follows Leonardo DiCaprio as he travels the world as he attempts to open our eyes to the unsettling situation we find ourselves in. The UN-appointed Messenger of Peace, the dedicated actor looks at both the causes and the consequences of the crisis. Documentary to see ASAP!


Hollywood star Will Smith takes subscribers on an exciting journey around the world in the six-episode series Welcome to Earth, available in full on Disney+. During his excursions, together with great experts, discover some of the most unusual and amazing natural phenomena on our planet, such as volcanic eruptions or animal migrations.

Find all of these programs on the Disney+ platform.

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