CS4* Fontainebleau: Britain’s Lily Attwood offers herself another win

Following the French Pro Elite Championship, the CSI4* Grand Prix ended this weekend with the Printemps des Sports Equestres. A technical course that will smile at Britain’s Lily Atwood, the only foreign representative during the four-man jump.

What a Grand Prix to end this sports weekend in style at the Grand Park in Fontainebleau! Kevin Stout said this during the confession held at the Grand Parquet public microphone, the test will be technical. The course left no room for error 48 couples participate this Sunday. No handlebar was more to blame than the other, even if the number 8 oxer just before the turn and the number 12 vertical at the finish line took over a few riders. Starting in sixth position, the French Olivier Perrault was the first to sign a clean round with his very good GL Events Venizia d’Aiguilly. Close behind him are Lily Attwood and Cor-Leon W. Vlierbeck Z. Edward Levy and Uno de Serisi are third to qualify in the jump-off. After them, the faults follow one after another until 38and The passage of Alexa Ferrer and Urani de Belcourt, who will be the last to receive their precious sesame.

And in the end Britain wins

You understand, only four pairs, two women, two men, started this jump-off in the order of their qualification. Fast, Olivier Perrault announces the color, over time beat 36.33 sec.. Lily Attwood is racing, the audience held their breath. The last hurdle is cleared easily by Cor-Leon V. Vlierbeek Z, and the timer shows the pace of this end of the race: 36.25 s, 0.08 s less than Olivier. A course that offers her victory, as she confessed at the end of the award ceremony ” I am very happy my horse in great shapeI completely trusted him in the jump-off because Olivier was very fast. I didn’t see his lineup, but my coach Guy William told me I had to give it my all. When I reconnoitered the original route, it didn’t seem that difficult to me, it wasn’t very high, but the course was very well thought out, the course designer placed the obstacles at a distance from each other rather than bringing them closer together, which caused the horses to lay down a bit flat. This was especially noticeable on the last track, where many riders made mistakes. This is my first time here in Fontainebleau great competition and I will definitely be back. I’ve been riding this horse for two and a half years, he big horse but very fast, with a large amplitude, lively and respectfully. He has everything I look for in a horse and at 12 I feel he is still progressing.. »

Olivier Perrault and GL Events Venizia d’Aiguilly ©Elodie Pinguet

Olivier Perrault finished second in this Grand Prix. ” I started at number 1 in the jump-off and didn’t give it my all. The mare jumped well, not much, I’m still satisfied. It was it is important for me to have a good Grand Prix. On the last one, I could remove the step, but this is a sport. Venice is a great mare, she has been performing at this level for four years now. I quite happy with this weekend, my horses jumped well. Venice came to the Grand Prix and took second place. And Dorai makes a mistake in the first run of the Pro Elite finals, but it bodes well for the future. We had two great course designers. Gregory had a great Grand Prix, I thought there would be eight to ten clean laps, we finished with four. Also congratulations to Cedric Longis who made super championship with a great finale. said the rider after the jump-off.

Leaping after Lily, Edward Levy does his best. With Uno de Cerisy pass fast (35.98 sec), with a good variation between the Generali’s oxer and the Ireland-colored vertical, where the pair unfortunately lowers the bar. They finish this CSI4* in third place. ” This is a sport, fortunately, my coach told me that you passed one more step clearly, but the third one calmed me down a bit. Uno was fantastic I am very happy that I have the opportunity to ride such horses. At the beginning of the year, it took me a long time to bring it back to its previous level. This is the horse that very respectfully with which you have to do little by little. I delighted with this wonderful result. We had a wonderful event over the weekend. in 4* Grand Prix was greata very good Grand Prix, not necessarily harder than another. analyzed by Edward Levy.

Despite a fast jump, the bar puts Edward Levy and Uno de Serisi in third place ©Elodie Pinguet

There are eight points in the shootout. Alexa Ferrer and Urani de Belcur end the competition at fourth placeright before another tricolor duet: Philippe Leoni and Ulan Okkomut. Without errors on the uneven bars, they unfortunately see that the jump eludes them for a while.

Full results here.

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