Cotentin: a new catamaran for this company, the queen of the nautical experience

New catamaran for CERES
New catamaran for CERES (© CERES)

Future Ceres III Arrived Sunday April 10th Saint-Vaast-la-Huge (Cotentin), coming from the Dutch port of IJmuiden, where it was still used for mooring. But a wider range of activities await him with the teams of Ceres, a company founded by Bertrand Skiboz and based in Montfarville.

Now with four co-managers, Marie Skibo, Bruno Jaubert and Guillaume Lonet, as well as Bertrand Skibo, Ceres has added to its traditional anchor and wreck recovery operations and its “survey” missions, i.e. studies of bathymetry, geophysics, sedimentology, coreology and cartography, missions search for explosives.

Purchased in the Netherlands.

“This is our new spearhead. The team includes certified hydrographers who allow us to identify and map areas where gutters or submarine cables should be installed. »

Bertrand Skibo

Thus, the company won the tenders. Mayotte especially. However, the neutralization of these munitions remains the prerogative of the states in which Ceres operates.

The 11-meter catamaran Ceres II, which had been in operation for three years, was no longer enough to carry out these works. He was sold in Sweden. And it was in the Netherlands that the Wave 4 Express was found. ” This is catamaran 14 m long, wider, equipped with two 620 hp engines. which allow us a transit speed of 20 knots. For us, this is the quintessence of the versatile vessel we were looking for. »

This very versatile catamaran is in line with the activities designed by Ceres.
This very versatile catamaran is in line with the activities designed by Ceres. (© CERES)

Improvements to be made

Built in 2012 on the Isle of Wight. destined for service in Ireland, the ship has in fact always operated along the coast of the Netherlands. Compared to the Ceres II, it has an upper deck useful for bird and marine mammal viewing. It is also equipped with forward protection, allowing safe access to wind turbines at sea or transporting personnel on a freighter. The bridge also has twelve seats.

“We’re not going to keep them all. For business trips for two or three days at sea, it is necessary to install a galley and berths in the holds. Next week we will send the boat to Granville for an engine overhaul and installation of a door and rear portal. »

Bruno JaubertCaptain of the ship

“In fact, this type of court does not exist in French regulations. Therefore, we are working with maritime affairs and the naval architect to approve it with the Véritas classification,” explains Bertrand Schibo. The end goal is to build a new boat.

By changing the name, Wave 4 Express will go under the French flag. “We have already hired two people and are looking for a second mechanic, on a permanent contract, for a permanent job. With a certain urgency: the Ceres loading plan calls for almost two hundred days at sea by the end of the year…

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