Circus Arlette Grusse: 17 performances from Mulhouse and many novelties

A new show, a redesigned tent, a dinner-show formula to complement the classic performances… Three years after its last tour, the Circus Arlette Grusse returns to Mulhouse from 6 to 15 May with a flood of new products. Good plan: M+ saves you space!

The assembly of the XXL tent will begin on Tuesday morning and will last two and a half days at the Dornach exhibition center … Last October, a new, 37th tour of Cirque Arlette Gruss started in Aix-les-Bains. ends in Alsace. After Colmar and shortly before Strasbourg, the 140 people who make up the Grusse circus team stop in Mulhouse from 6 to 15 May for 17 performances of “The Eccentric”, the name of the new creation.

And what can the Mulhouse public expect three years after Cirque Gruss last visited the Cité du Bollwerk due to the health crisis (Editor’s note: The tour was cut short on October 29, 2020 in Nancy.)? A lot, if one is to believe the reading of the program of this new show, which promises “completely new and sometimes even revolutionary numbers”, led by “a new golden generation made in Arlette Gruss”, which “starts the car to reinvent the circus for an exquisite and unforgettable trips”. In short: an opportunity for young and old (from three years old!) to discover clowning, equestrian stunts, aerobatics, jumping rope, street training, as well as acrobatic bicycles and other juggling … All this is perfectly combined with the music of Arlette Grusse. orchestra and punctuated by the impeccable Monsieur Loyal.

Wow effect

Circus GroussA show between traditional and innovative numbers.

“As with every new tour, we offer new numbers, but given what we have been through with the health crisis, the proposed show should be exceptionally dynamic and festive, leaving no room for melancholy. When leaving the circus, we want the audience to say “wow! “, emphasizes Rémi Bécouwe, Circus Communications Officer Arlette Grusse. The show oscillates between traditional performances such as clowns, including César Diaz (2021 Bronze Clown at the Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival), or the horses of the Grusse family, and innovative activities such as an air bar or diabolo juggling. from Pierre Marchand, a real showman who performed on the biggest stages in the world. »

Circus arts and culinary arts

All this in a new tent and new stands. The empty performance period was used backstage at Gruss to rethink the layout of the venues and the comfort of the audience, investing almost a million euros. Another and no less important innovation created by the Cirque Arlette Gruss team and led by Gilbert Gruss: in addition to Gruss’s traditional show-following formula (count from 19 to 46 euros per seat, reduced prices on Tuesday 10th and Thursday 12th May), the dinner show format appears on this tour. On Fridays 6 and 13 May at 19:30 in Mulhouse you will be able to live this new experience, combining circus arts and culinary arts.

Circus GroussA million euros have been invested in the comfort of the audience.

And since we’re as greedy as we are curious at M+, we couldn’t resist looking at the online menu map, prepared by local chefs, as we do at every stop (Editor’s note: Kieffer restaurant in Alsace.). As an appetizer, you will be offered “Gewurztraminer Goose Foie Gras Confit Slice”, then “Quasi Low Temperature Veal”, and for dessert, Namelak Finger Chocolate (from 79 euros per adult, drinks). including table setting). A trend of the times, a vegetarian version of the menu is offered, as well as a light version for children (from 35 euros, up to 10 years). Also in the menu there is a formula “A Little Hungry” with a board (from 39 euros). Needless to say, for obvious logistical reasons, reservations are mandatory, and this is no later than seven days before the performance date.

New audience

“Now we offer one to two sessions in each city to experience this new dinner show. The new tent allows you to go from a configuration of 1300 classic seats to 600 seats in the “dinner show” format. audience. 60% of the people who signed up for the dinner shows on this tour were visiting the Arlette Grusse Circus for the first time. This is very reassuring,” comments Remy Bekuwe.

good star

Circus GroussThis tour sounds like a reunion with the public.

So many novelties and innovations that brilliantly demonstrate that, 37 years after its inception, several storms and a global health crisis, Arlette Grusse Circus is still standing and alive! “This tour is really about reconnecting with the public. It has been three years since we returned to most of the cities of the Orient and Hauts-de-France, regions that are among our most devoted audiences. Before leaving for the tour, it would be a lie to tell you that we didn’t ask ourselves any questions, but up until then the audience has been very active. There must be a lucky star above the Grusse Circus…

From Friday 6 to Sunday 15 May inclusive at the Dornach Trade Fair. more information and online booking at

Contest: win tickets to Grusse’s circus!

Cirque Gruss and M+ can win tickets to the new show “Excentrik” presented in Mulhouse, to performances on Friday 6 May at 19:30 (dinner show formula) and on Saturday 7 May at 20:00 (classic). To do this, answer the following question: in what year was the Arlette Grusse circus founded?

Send your answers with last name, first name, home address and mobile phone number by email to [email protected] no later than Tuesday 3 May at 9:00.

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