Christoph Ferland: “Akkakaba and Loubesien will do their best”

Coach Testina Christopher Ferland will present two of its residents this Thursday in Deauville. Akkakaba will protect the colors of silk Wertheimer during his return to Recklessness Award. Lubeizen will try to confirm its recent success.

Akkakaba (M. Guyon) during his victory in Calvados Prize (Gr.2) August 21, 2021 at Deauville

Accakaba will return this Thursday at Prix Imprudence. How has the filly changed over the winter?

“The filly went to the stud this winter, like many good horses in the family. Wertheimer. She had a big break, which did her good. Akkakaba developed well physically, she had a small growth spurt and became fatter. On the model, she is not an imposing filly, she has a small physique. On purely delusional paper, she would have a third or fourth chance to be incautious. Now we have to run to draw conclusions.”

How did his final preparations go?

“Her last two works have been very enjoyable. On the straight La Teste the filly had very good movement. I like her very much”.

What are its strengths?

“She is a very generous filly who does not cheat. She always gives her best.”

Will he be penalized because of the announced heavy ground this Thursday?

“It’s always a negative for this filly. Now we have no choice, she must return. She will be heavy, but the new track should reduce the depth of the ground. I would still prefer better ground for her …

What are his goals for the season?

“She is doing Trial filly hen unique. We remain convinced that it will not last beyond 1600 meters. Which makes sense from her origins and what she’s shown before. There was no need to involve him in Diana’s price where Grotto price.”

Loubesien (S.Pasquier)winner of competition Montenika Prize (listed) March 16, 2022 at Sweet whipped cream

What do you think of Loubeisien and what are your expectations?

“He is a posh horse who was always shopping. There aren’t many fake entries on his resume. When he started, I decided to put him in this race because I felt that he showed some speed. Lubeizen won without stealing his victory in Montenika Prize (listed). He is exactly at his distance and will be able to go shorter, maybe even a little longer, but I doubt it. He won his list Jebel Prize is a logical sequence. This horse belongs to an association of friends, it is always easier to report to friends (laughs). The foal recovered very well from his last race. He has taken his race well and seems to me to be in full command of his means.”

What are its qualities?

“He has a lot of carnage. This is a horse that has a lot of action and can kill its opponents on the train.”

How is his season going?

“In fact, there are no goals. Let’s see how the race will continue. We accept races as they come in. Prix ​​Sigy (Gr.3) but I think it will be a very good party. The foal is not yet mechanized to run 1200 meters in a straight line like the other competitors. I think he will have more chances in Jebel Prize.”

Will the track be open this Thursday?

“This is not his cup of tea, he just won the PSF. He showed Saint-Cloud well on soft ground. Will the track be as hard as advertised? We’ll see on the spot, and it’s too late to retreat.”

What are the best elements of your team for the 2022 season?

“In men we have Maximus and Yuzuna who seem to stand out from the crowd. Yuzuna will manage Price Suren then go to jockey club. He recovered very well from his last race at Saint Cloud. His recovery is going even better than during his return to Toulouse. We are going to calmly prepare him for this listing in early May. At the end of this race we will see if we reach jockey club Or no. Preparation is never obvious. The goal was still to level him at the start of Group 1.

Regarding MaximusI announced that he would definitely lead Fontainebleau price and trial chicken Foalsbut I have a little doubt. While I did not install anything, I had the idea that his speed was low. But I can add Noail Prize to stay at 2000 meters. I know that this distance is convenient for him. Nothing has been decided, we’ll see in the coming days. The horse worked very well today, it is ready and everything is green. The detail will be distance for him.

in mares, Times Square this is a great hope for the team this year. He is probably the best horse in the stable among all genders. She is quite a temperamental mare, but she is great at work. I expect a lot from her this year.

I have the advantage of working with a large cohort of 2 year olds. It’s great that there is always a turnover of horses, of course, with good and bad sides of the “live”. Horses have magic: we may have ideas, it may not be our first and best impressions that will lead us to the Holy Grail and raise the cup. That’s what’s so interesting about this job. We have some pleasant surprises with horses that develop and fail to canter, that we had little hope for and then showed themselves. These are great racing stories.”

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