Cetasea wants to create the first refuge for marine mammals in distress

To receive and care for captive and stranded cetaceans, the cetacean association plans to set up the first marine conservation center in France. Already working in this area, the organization hopes that this great project will come true. 30millionsdamis.fr has collected the secrets of its president Frederic Gilbert.

Refuge for cetaceans in distress: this is the wish of the association of cetaceans, which is mobilizing in the Landes to create a place dedicated to the reception of cetaceans from captivity or victims stranded and too weakened to go to the open sea. . ” There are refuges for wild species (for example, great apes).recalls Cetasea founder Frédéric Gilbert, joined by 30millionsdamis.fr. On the other hand, we are not doing enough for marine mammals! »

Welcoming cetaceans from captivity

We don’t do enough for marine mammals.

F. Gilbert – President of Cetaseea

Twenty cetaceans currently held in captivity in 4 dolphinariums in France must be transferred within 5 years to shelters or reserves (article 46 of the law of November 30, 2021, aimed at combating cruelty to animals). However, to date, in Europe, only a few projects of sanctuaries – in Iceland, Italy or Greece – meet the basic criteria for the physical and mental health of their future inhabitants.

In the absence of a specialized shelter, rescued animals have to be transferred to structures abroad, sometimes in China, where the conditions for their maintenance are worse.regrets President Cetasea. Not to mention the long and arduous journey they go through”. As for the Swedish Dolphinarium Kolmården, which received two dolphins transferred from Asterix Park in 2020… it has just announced its closure (9/03), leaving the fate of its 12 dolphins in the dark!

A place as close as possible to the natural habitat

Therefore, it is important to provide temporary (“refuge”) or permanent (“refuge”) reception sites for those who, for health or behavioral reasons, cannot hope to return to the wild, whether from French parks or, above all, from elsewhere. . ” This is an urgent need for captive animals awaiting shelter.Tans Frederic. But the animal is a sensitive being: one should not rush and take his time to do everything right so that find the best solution. »

To welcome these survivors in the best possible conditions, the cetacean association wants to create a recreated lagoon. “ Artificial ponds are the only ones capable of sheltering animals from captivity that can only withstand a sterile environment., the manager says. But they will obviously get as close as possible to their natural habitat. “.

Jean-Marc Barr, who played Jacques Maillol in The Big Blue, (left) supports the association chaired by Frédéric Gilbert (right) ©Cetasea

Caring for stranded cetaceans

This refuge could also house cetaceans stranded on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean who need time and care to regain their strength and thus gain freedom. Because thousands of marine mammals wash up on the French Atlantic coast every year. Among them, only seals can benefit from temporary care while they recover. In France, four animal welfare centers* treat and collect weakened or injured seals and then release them into the ocean as soon as they have reached their normal weight.

We must think of the ocean, one of the lungs of the planet.

T. Frager – musician, godfather of Kitasey.

But these centers are unable to accommodate cetaceans in distress, such as dolphins and porpoises. The result: stranded cetaceans that cannot survive on their own are moved overseas to pools not adapted to their needs. In 2015, the caretaker Frédéric Gilbert reported that a small female, stuck at 7 months old, too weak to return to her natural environment, was taken in by an association in Portugal pending a decision… In vain. ” She had been living alone in the human pool for 7 years.storms the founder of Cetaseea. So it seemed important to me to find solutions for these needy animals.. »

Actions to clean up and raise awareness

At the same time, the association is holding activities to clean up the beaches and educate the public about ecosystem conservation in schools or during festivals such as the cetacean festival, which will meet in Capbreton (40) April 2 and 3, 2022, animal welfare professionals and devotees artists such as Jean-Marc Barr as Jacques Maillol in The Big Blue (1988) or the musician and former professional surfer Tom Fraget. ” We must think about the ocean, one of the lungs of the planet: we need it to breathe, it needs our protection.reminiscent of the artist 30millionsdamis.fr. It is also a natural habitat for marine mammals, including the dolphin, which is a watchdog for the level of pollution in the seas. “.

Through these awareness-raising activities, the public seems to be becoming more aware of the importance of marine animal conservation. Passion for hope! ” We lack financial resources, but we get a lot of support. The plans are already written down and the files are tied up, reassures F. Gilbert. We are moving forward slowly but surely! »

* Biarritz Aquarium Center (64), Oceanopolis in Brest (29), CHENE Association in Allouville-Belfosse (76), Animal Protection League in Calais (62).


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