Carcassonne: the excitement of horse racing is finally back this Sunday, May 1st.

This symbolic meeting in Carcassonne, canceled in 2020 and behind closed doors last year, will finally return to its usual configuration this weekend. The program includes eight races dedicated to young, promising jockeys: more than 2,000 people are expected.

It’s been 156 years nowuh May in Carcassonne is marked by horse races. “The city has broken with this tradition only three times,” says Eric Pechard, treasurer of the Aude Racing Society, “twice during World War II…then in 2020.”

Of course, we are thinking about the conclusion, but the condition of the La Fajolle hippodrome, which suffered from the flood, also did not allow the competition. Last year, racing returned by 1uh May… closed, health restrictions required. Therefore, only this Sunday, from 14:00, the event will really reunite with its public, but also with a fervor like no other.

In the afternoon, until 18:30, eight races will be held: four at a trot, four at a gallop. 100 to 150 horses are expected from the great South and will be ridden by about thirty jockeys and jockeys from all over France. “Gallop 1stuh May is reserved for students and young jockeys,” insists Pierre Vicard, vice president of the association.

“The goal is to give them the opportunity to run their first races, gain experience, and also offer horses with moderate disabilities the opportunity to reach a level that they would not necessarily reach elsewhere. We are also in the process of merging other riding centers in the southwest to create a track dedicated to young riders.”

The main source of motivation for the latter: in addition to the Grand Prix of Carcassonne, participants will have the opportunity to win prizes bearing the name of the last French Golden Whip. Such victories can be the beginning of a career.

In horse racing, the main thing is to experience emotions.

Obviously, without racing, there will be no racing, and this aspect of discipline will of course be part of the game on Sunday. “You don’t have to bet,” says Christian Oliver, a member of the office, however. “Many people come to the hippodrome on the 1st.uh Maybe just spend the day with the family!”

Thus, the site will be open from 12 noon, and if food is organized on the territory, it will also be possible to have a picnic in the park. Activities for children (games, ponies, etc.) will also be offered. However, the organizers have taken a cunning initiative to encourage the most novice spectators to take a more active part in the races… without too much risk.

The members of the organizing association, together with the elected officials of the city, are, of course, the partners of the event.
The Independent – NATHALIE AMEN WALS

“For the first time, we are going to be giving away €2 game vouchers,” announces Eric Pechard, the owner of the horse. “In horse racing, it is important to experience emotions. Even if I bet only 2 euros on a horse, when he lines up and the race starts, he will become MY horse. This is my horse so short! Similarly, when you own a horse, you should expect a 50% loss per year: we don’t do it for the money, we do it for the emotion.” Strong and tense moments that we can also bet on in two weeks, during the races on Sunday, May 15th.


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