The pointed nose and flared hull mark an update to Boston Whaler’s Dauntless line. But it retains the know-how and attention to quality and detail of this well-known American brand. Irresistible! Photo: Virginie Pelagali.

Things are moving in the Dauntless line from the famous American shipyard Boston Whaler! Last year, this series of open family cases consisted of five models: 170, 180, 210, 240 and 270. In 2022, Boston decided to drop the 170 and 180 and replace the 210 with the 220 and the 240 with the 250.

Boston Whaler 250 Dauntless steering console
The steering console with its large adjustable steering wheel and ideally placed throttle offers a great driving position. The back of the pilot’s bench seat flips over to offer a rear-facing seat when at anchor.

270 does not change at the moment, but certainly in the short term it should also be replaced. Because the new 220 and 250 will no doubt mark the arrival of a new generation of Dauntless. Thanks to Mas Marine, the Boston Whaler dealer in Hyères, we had the opportunity to exclusively try out one of these two new models, in this case the 250 Dauntless.

A little retro…

Even before landing, just watching it float, we fell in love! The lines are tight and the silhouette is absolutely sublime.

The front end, which was square on the old Dauntless, has been replaced with a pointed arch that gives it a retro and especially elegant look and highlights the spirit of this new generation.

aft cockpit - Boston whaling ship 250 fearless
The rear of the cockpit is equipped with two seats separated by a living compartment. Simply remove the pads held by the buttons and magnet system, place them under the board and fold the backs down to create a beautiful platform that anglers will love.

The hull has also been redesigned to feature a Tulip V instead of a curved front. Our 250 Dauntless was fitted for our testing with its top engine, a 400hp Mercury Verado, with which it proved to be a true fighter, as evidenced by its top speed close to 50 knots, and only 3.9 seconds, which he puts on the plan.

deck saloon
The small table, which costs 2,718 euros, is easily fixed and provides a pleasant saloon position on the deck forward.

Despite this formidable cavalry, the piloting remains accessible and very enjoyable, and the hull behavior is still very solid, even with the trim set high.

exemplary behavior at sea

Boston stays true to its reputation and we find in this boat the special care taken in manufacturing. In addition to the impeccable perceived quality, this know-how is expressed in navigation by a complete absence of vibration and resonance.

The crossing of the waves is done gently and is accompanied by a strong sense of security: as for the rainfall, it always remains comfortable. The roll angle in corners is moderate, the grip is perfect. In short, for the 250 Dauntless, the plumage and fury is just as exceptional.

boston whaling ship 250 fearless at sea
As an option, the 250 Dauntless gets an aluminum T-top painted black, like here, or white. The canvas can be replaced with a hardtop.

It remains to be seen whether a 400-horsepower engine is really useful for a family unit. In addition, the 250 Dauntless is available with other engines: the 250-horsepower Mercury V8, as well as the 300-horsepower Mercury V8 and the 350-horsepower Mercury Verado.

sunbathing boston whaling ship 250 fearless
Below the sun deck, in front of the anchor locker, there is a storage locker.

As described in the data sheet, it is interesting to note that at cruising speeds of 4000 and 4500 rpm, the rpm and consumption of other engines reported by the shipyard are quite close to those obtained at 400 horsepower.

Price difference to consider

The difference is clearly made in higher modes and maximum speeds. However, even with the “smallest” engine, the 250 Dauntless exceeds the 40 knot mark, which is still a very respectable top speed, especially for a family program.

driving position boston whaling ship 250 fearless
The pilot can operate sitting or standing thanks to the backrest, which can be fixed in an upright position.

Also, knowing that a boat with 400 horsepower costs €19,000 more than one with 250 horsepower, that difference is worth thinking about, especially since the price of Bostons remains an “angry topic”. others are priced, but the latter are justified by their unsurpassed quality and solidity!


Boston is still Boston no matter how big it is! Here, as in larger devices, attention to detail is brought to its climax, and the words “quality” and “reliability” take on their full meaning. True, the price is high, but the pleasure received at the helm of this open boat is such that you almost never forget about it!

Features Boston Whaler 250 Dauntless

Full length 7.62 m

body length 7.32 m

Width 2.59 m

Weight 2711 kg

Project 0.38 m

air draft 1.85-2.41 m

power recommended 300 HP

Max power 400 HP

water capacity 45 l (optional)

Fuel tank capacity 341 liters

OK cat.C/10 pers.

Transmission suspension

Builder Boston whaling ship

Contact french network

Boston Whaler 250 Dauntless PRICE

  • €185,430 with 250hp Mercury Verado
  • €190,080 with 300hp Mercury Verado
  • €197,122 with 350hp Mercury Verado
  • €204,375 with 400hp Mercury Verado

Specification Boston Whaler 250 Dauntless

Engine: Mercury 350 hp

Propellers: 17″ Enertia

rpm Speed ​​in knots Flow rate in l/h Productivity, thousand/l
3500 22.1 29.5 0.72
4000 29 40.5 0.71
4500 32.9 51.4 0.64
5000 36.8 69.5 0.60
5930 44.4 88.5 0.50

Our grades


  • Very elegant line
  • Build Quality and Finish Level
  • Marine qualities


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Author: Stephanie de Loustal

Author: Stephanie de Loustal

The Powerboat adventure began for Stephanie in June 1991. Over the years, his passion for the sea and boats has remained unchanged. She is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Motor Boat Magazine, Neptune Yachting Motor and Argus du Bateau.

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