Boas, python, lizards: Patrick Molherat can’t live without his reptiles in Vichy (Allier)

This passion for reptiles came late, but it is ubiquitous in the life of Patrick Molierate. First, he started with an interest in fish. It was this that motivated him to join the club of the terrariophile association Aquariophilie in Vichy.

By participating in the life of the association, he learned to overcome his fear of reptiles. “Initially, I shaved the walls so they were as far away from the terrariums as possible. When the club was on duty, I had to feed the reptiles. From that moment on, his phobia disappeared, giving way to an all-consuming passion.

Little menagerie at home

Thanks to his son, Patrick Molherat first acquired a corn snake, after which his collection quickly grew. Today he has more than thirty reptiles: two boas, one of which is 2.20 m high, corn snakes without scales, royal python, king snake, bull snake, chameleon, savannas and lizards (epaulets, leopard geckos).

The eighth edition of the reptile exchange will take place on Saturday 5 March and Sunday 6 March at the Parc Espace du (former MJC), at the Omnisports Center in Vichy (Allier).

They are in almost every room. Every animal has its own space. “I can’t imagine my home without them. I appreciate their colors and their behavior. It’s a pleasure to watch them.” Biozatua also spend a lot of time feeding them, taking care of them. This leads to the replacement of water, substrate and cleaning of terrariums.

“During these operations, the reptile left its habitat. This is an opportunity to check if everything is in order.” This hobby is expensive due to the cost of food and electricity. Therefore, in order to limit lighting costs, which is important for some reptiles, he uses, in particular, LEDs. Their habitat must also have the right temperature. Purpose: to get closer to their natural habitat.

“We are essentially focused on terrariophilia. Ultimately, the goal will be to revive the aquarium hobby. It will have to wait until we settle into our new quarters.”

Having become erudite in this matter, the 50-year-old man now seeks to pass on his knowledge and his knowledge and organizes desensitization time for people who are afraid, or a priori for reptiles. He also organized information days for the firefighters of the Vichy Rescue Centre.

How to recognize two types of vipers of the Haute-Loire and grass snake?

Starting as a hobbyist, Patrick Molherat became president of the terrariophilia of the Aquariophiles de Vichy eight years ago. At present, this association has about one hundred and twenty members, half of which represent the Vichy basin and the entire region of Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes. In 2019, a branch was established in Montlucon.

New pets

The association has several goals: to allow members to meet around their passion for reptiles and fish, and to initiate people wishing to discover new pets.

In a good mood, they can participate in the maintenance of many aquariums and terrariums, improve their skills and exchange methods for raising fish and new pets with the participants. “We also have an advisory role,” elaborates Patrick Molherat.

The club makes group orders for insects, frozen food or equipment for its members. Days for furnishing rooms, overhauling or making terrariums or aquariums take place throughout the year.

“We are essentially focused on terrariophilia. Ultimately, the goal will be to revive the aquarium hobby. It will have to wait until we settle into our new quarters.”

Mikael Hrundyer


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