BMW M’s electric hypercars will have over 1,300 horsepower

BMW has already told us about a future platform designed for 100% electric vehicles that can carry up to four engines. From now on, we are even talking about a supercar or hypercar with a capacity of more than 1300 horsepower.

Even if you’re not yet smitten with 100% electric vehicles, there’s no denying that they’ve radically changed performance benchmarks that once seemed out of reach. The power and acceleration records currently achieved are impressive and would not be possible without electrification. BMW is about to get on its feet in the green transition to compete with Tesla, Lucid and other brands in the not so distant future. In particular, with the new Neue Klasse architecture. While this architecture will support i4-like models, there will also be four-motor M variants that can run on four wheels thanks to a dedicated electric motor driving each wheel. Obviously, these electric cars with the letter “M” will be very powerful, and eventually they will be able to power a hypercar. But we didn’t know what to expect in terms of power yet. In a recent interview, our colleagues at the BMW Blog spoke with Frank Weber, head of R&D at BMW, to find out more about the brand’s future electric vehicles. When it came to electric M vehicles, Weber provided some clarification.

“What you can expect from this Neue Klasse architecture is more than just the flexibility of your high-voltage battery,” Weber said. “You can also have ultra-efficient single-engine architectures, dual-engine architectures, and even four-engine architectures that can deliver up to one megawatt of power.” One megawatt is equal to 1000 kilowatts or 1341 horsepower. This would mean that BMW M has the tools to build a more powerful electric car than the Tesla Model S Plaid and Lucid Air Sapphire., the fastest sedans in the world today. This four-motor powertrain will also outperform anything BMW currently makes. The brand’s most powerful electric vehicle is the iX M60 with 615 hp, while the most powerful thermal model is the M5 CS with 635 hp. Even in between, the most powerful cars in the lineup will not compete with the power of the future 100% electric BMW M.

Not only power

Of course, a good sports car is not only about the power it develops. It must evoke the senses in a way that goes beyond acceleration and speed. It remains to be seen what type of car we’ll see this kind of motorization in… Perhaps the first propeller-powered hypercar? Or in the supercharged and electrified version of the M4, M5 or M8 Competition? The four-engine powerplant could form the basis of a real BMW supercar or hypercar, just to compete with the all-electric future Audi R8.

In particular, we are thinking of something that could take the form of the Vision M Next concept. BMW could also create a more powerful i7 that can terrorize Tesla and Lucids in online races. Remember that by 2030, half of BMW’s lineup will be all-electric. While many will be “small” cars for bulking up, a four-motor powertrain can make the most behemist purist’s dream come true.

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