Blue Horse, Danish temple of dressage horses.

Established in 1991, Danish Blue Hors has over thirty years of experience in the world of breeding and dressage in particular. Blue Horse stallions present at competitions and with breeders can issue a final ticket for 2000 matings in the world and per season! Blue Horse can be defined as the nerve center of world dressage.


World famous for its breeding and training center

This affix, familiar to enthusiasts, is a mark of quality! Many of the Blue Horses are at the top of the FEI dressage rankings, including the legendary Blue Horses Don Shufro and Blue Horse Zach. The Blue Hors stallion catalog features the stars of the moment, but also makes a brilliant bet on the younger generation, meaning all breeders can choose the stallion that suits them best!
Based in Randball, eighty kilometers from Odense, Blue Hors is also a training and competition team present at the most beautiful events in the world. “In 2014, Blue Hors opened a brand new training center equipped with cutting-edge technology that strengthened our competitive division.” details the Blue Hors team. “We can, for example, note that the riders and horses of our stable won the Danish championships nine times and appeared in the finals of the Olympic Games, World Championships, Europe and World Cups. »

Valuation and trading

We have goals for every horse and we give them time to grow in their mind and containers. We focus on quality, not quantity! Our long-term goal is to prove that listening to the horse as a whole and carefully managing its development is the best basis for its well-being and, therefore, for better sports performance. »
Horses for sale on the site in general to quickly find a buyer: “Transparency is important to building trust with buyers, and at Blue Hors we give them access to all relevant horse welfare information so they can make an informed decision before buying a horse that exactly matches their biggest dreams! »


Brand of care products and dietary supplements

At the same time, Blue Hors developed its own line of horse care products, Blue Hors Care, which today includes more than seventy different products. “For over two decades, Blue Hors Care has been a pioneer in nutritional supplements and horse care products.” concludes the Blue Hors team. “We take into account the opinions of all those who deal with horses – breeders, riders, grooms and grooms – in order to always offer products that best suit their needs. We are also happy to note that Blue Hors Care has become one of the best selling horse care lines in Denmark! »

This year’s Blue Hors stallions

Pay attention to the stallions presented this year in the Blue Horse catalog:

– Baron (Benicio x Sir Donnerhall I)
– Don Olymbrio (Jazz x Ferro)
– Farrell (Fürstenball x Dacaprio)
– Feinstar (Farrell x Bon ‘A Parte)
– Flashdancer (For Dance x Dagostini)
– Floran (Floriscount x Desperados FRH)
– Kingston (Glock’s Toto Jr x Turbo Magic)
– Monte Carlo (Glock’s Dream Boy x United)
– Santiano (Sezuan x Romanov)
– St. Shufro (St. Moritz Junior x Don Shufro)
– Storm DWB (Sezuan x Tailormade Temptation)
– Veneziano (Vivaldi x Donnerhall)
– Viconte (Vivaldi x Sandro Hit)
– Zach (Russo x Jazz)
– Zackerey (Zack x Sandro Heath)
– Zacorado (Zac x Florencio I)

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