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In a few weeks, she will return to the United States to investigate whistleblowers who are raising awareness of a subject “a bit under the radar”: abandoned oil wells and their environmental damage. Audrey Gloagen prepares a seventy-minute investigation for France 5. After incest was documented in 2019, among other things – Incest let justice be done – then a birth in 2022 – You will give birth in tenderness – Poitevin’s adoption one day prepares to put her cameras there again where there are no others. “Actually, I like it. She “needs time” to “thoroughly” immerse herself in the problem, being able to “pour into herself a file of three hundred pages in English” and compose many hours of interviews before presenting it in images. [sa] truth “.

Ten years ago, his instinct for freedom led him to deviate from the A1 Highway of Life. “I was the deputy editor in chief of a production company, very well paid, and yet I was angry as a dead rat! “, adds the ex-journalist for France 3 and France 2. For a long time, the little girl from Drancy wanted to “do everything right”, especially what others expected of her. And then she decided to regain control over her existence, guided by an imperative need for authenticity.

double birth

The change in professional course coincided with the birth of her daughter Clarissa (10 years old) and another birth, this time literary. It took eight years for 543-page baby Seme to emerge from the insides of a budding writer. She imagined a gallery of rumpled characters very early on (an introverted journalist, a frustrated cop…), but it took her years to “let her horses go”. “The first part was the wise part of me, the second part is more slang, full of darkness. This book saved my life. “Sex, violence, neurosis… Semiah plunges into the depths of the human soul, against the backdrop of a collective suicide in La Defense and a breathless investigation and social networks. The blackness of the line is combined with ferocious humor. “I have the ability to hear the hard part of life, I need to fully understand people’s shortcomings, what they have deep in their guts …” To the point of coming to the conclusion that a birth is one year in Bourgoin-Jallier maternity a house next to midwives is a much more complex topic than the legal course of incest!

In hindsight, Quadra-then-time-which-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ascribes to her attraction to the dark side and the black humor of her early youth. This is not a simple childhood spent in Drancy with a mother “dropped to 40”, slashed by unemployment. On the contrary, Audrey tends to hide at work, limiting her workaholism. This work of a journalist just answered a certain family prescription, mixed with a deep “desire to take revenge on life.” So imagine when a middle-class girl moved from 93 or 92, from Saint-Saint-Denis to Hauts-de-Seine… She laughs yellowly, convinced that “everyone carries equipment in a caravan.” Some travel easier over time, some don’t. “For a long time I was angry, it seemed to me that part of my childhood had been stolen from me. But I’ve made peace with myself because deep down we’re doing what we can. “The mother of Reuben (age 14) and Clarissa speaks from experience and assumes her absences from work with a formula that claps: “I have strong potential as an unworthy mother! “Then he clarifies:“ It is difficult when I leave, but I like what I do. You must love life. I want to give my children this model of education. »

“Beautiful and lively”

Between two vapes, the director and the author are well aware that we read in it “like an open book.” Of course, in The Family, some of his characters betray his personality traits. Any resemblance to… is purely coincidental. We obviously invite you to read it. Moreover, her editor (Gallimard) is “pushing her a little” to write a second one. She thinks about it, a project brewing between the need to document reality and a deep desire to immerse herself in fiction. Hint: it will be black. Because Audrey Gloagen is “not afraid to face the darkness” of our lives. And then she has no time to waste time on trifles. At the confession table, the Breton 9-3 finds herself “more beautiful than before and more alive.” Everything is struck by a beautiful impulse of sincerity in what serves as his last lair: his office. “You understand, this is the first time in my life that I have my own! The room is littered with books by Harper Lee or R.J. Ellory and is sometimes intoxicated by the music of the Icelandic composer Olafur Arnalds, the author of the Broadchurch soundtrack. “And other strange things!” »


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