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This morning in Fontainebleau, the juniors were honored to be the first to continue the career of the “Princes” to take part in the Cup of Nations in the colors of L’Eperon. Originally Ireland, Belgium, Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany and France, which imposes itself with style.

In the first round of this Cup of Nations, designed for riders in the junior category, a course of twelve obstacles raised to a height of 1.40 meters, including a double, a triple and a river, smoothly laid by Jan Royant, had to be completed in 81 minutes. ‘. Time proved to be an added challenge as eight couples increased their scores for exceeding it. Of the twenty-seven duos at the start, only seven scored perfect, including the new French champion Pro 1, Eden Leprevot Damn Lebreton in a team Bodega Semily (Quaprice Boimargot Quincy) and William Ligier Prade with Galileo (Clintissimo). Performance Supported Charles Bertol and Lawrence-S (Spartak), which leaves the track with the moment of time and allows the Tricolors to lead at the end of the first phase. While Germany and Belgium, reigning European junior champions, finished tied with four points, Ireland and Switzerland ended up at the bottom of the list with nine points, while Great Britain, to everyone’s surprise, was unfortunately eliminated from the competition after two eliminations. his couples on the river!

In the second race on an identical track, all riders made sure to get back on time! The Monaco team led by Philippe Rozier showed an excellent performance and finished in sixth place thanks in part to Anastasia Nielsenauthor of a double clean round with Individual circuit (Contargos). Switzerland, piloted by fourth-placed Cornella Connie, was less fortunate in this crucial stage despite a flawless performance Noah Keller and Paul Walker (Perigueux) and eventually had to settle for fifth place with twenty-four points. The German team, led by Peter Teuwen, who has known the Grand Parquet for many years, could hope for a podium thanks to their second place in the preliminary standings, but apart from a perfect lap Paula Pal and Chin Ziano (Chin Ming) unfortunately suffered some setbacks, including an unexpected elimination Marcel Canziora and Florian (Zirrocho Blue) in doubles and drops to fourth position with twenty-one points.

Thus, on the podium is Ireland, who successfully return from fifth to third place, scoring thirteen points in the end, thanks in part to clean rounds Conor McLoughhin in the saddle Kilbarron Street (Gelvin Clover) and Alex Finney at the head Absolutely Kingmar Z (Aganix du Senior) who repeated his first lap perfect lap to the delight of team manager James Kernan. Belgium, led by Rick Deraedt, with Mathieu Gehry and Nistria d’Eau (falco) Helena Beyers and Mathonge of flowers (Elvis Ter Putte) Aurelia Gisson and Unlimited VH Legita Hof Z (Nabab de Reve), as well as Evelyn Patters on the Tiger’s Eye (Carambole) takes silver with a final score of eight points.

french happiness

Victory easily goes to France in this first edition of the 2022 Nations Cup thanks to a double clean roundEden Leprevot Damn Lebretondefinitely in great shape. “The championship really taught me how to deal with pressure, but I rode a different horse, so in a sense we started almost from scratch. Championships and team competitions are my favorite competitions. These are rare moments and a victory for France is really great! My first Nations Cup was in 2018 for kids, I competed in several junior competitions including winning here two years ago. I bought the Bodega, which is owned by Richard Levallois, at the very beginning of 2022. She is very sweet, she gives me everything, she is perfect, I love her. She will also be in the Grand Prix.” wanted to highlight the champion of France Pro 1. Vera Desutterthe sixteen-year-old, who suffered several setbacks in the first round with a score of twenty-five, raises the bar at the helm Shenoua Elite (Kashmir van Schuttershof) and registers a lap with an error. “The first lap was difficult, I didn’t start at the right canter, I didn’t have any combat contracts, but the second lap went much better,” she analyzed. Installed in Le Touquet in the family stables of the regional equestrian centre, Vera, who competed in her third Nations Cup, said she was delighted with her mare, owned by her mother, Stephanie Dummartin. Vera will also be present at the U25 competition at this event. Charles Bertolseventeen years old, also made a perfect turn in the reins Lawrence C. Settling in the stables of Simon Delestre, where he trains his six horses with Marcel Delestre, a former national pony trainer, the young man raced his third Nations Cup. “The first two were especially bad with Canto, I’m happy that I was able to help in this great win with Lawrence, who I know a little better, and erased my time in the first moto. » At the same time, Charles is preparing to pass his undergraduate degree in two weeks, having studied at CNED for two years. William Ligier de la Prade, also seventeen years old, based in Valbonne in a family stable that can hold eight horses, won’t even be needed to compete in this final stage as France is confident of victory. In the saddle Galileo (Clintissimo), he signed a very good clean round in the first moto and also won silver in the French Pro 2 championship on the same course a few days ago. Under the guidance of Guillaume Blin Lebreton, the young rider stated: “This was my first Nations Cup, we start with a win, I am very pleased, even though they didn’t need me in the second stage, but the mare jumped very well. She’s in good shape, I’ve been riding her since the beginning of February (Meghan Moissonnier previously ridden her, ed.), but we get along very well. There is current flowing between us. » William is also preparing for the end of his schooling, followed by correspondence. On the program for couples: the Aces championship at the end of May.

Olivier Bost also pouted with pleasure and did not fail to pay tribute to all the federal personnel present on the spot, Henk Nuren, Edouard Coupery, Bertrand Poisson, Marilyn Lesage and the veterinarian. “The personal trainers were in good shape, the children rode well, the horses jumped well. When you do not need to start fourth, this is only happiness. We chose to keep the Galileo for the Grand Prix. Most of the horses competed in the French championship last week. It’s always nice to win in France! »

For the full results of this Nations Cup, click here.

At Fontainebleau, Beatrice Fletcher


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