“Biodiversity protection will be carried out locally”

This Friday afternoon, in the presence of Allen Bougrin-Dubourt, President of the LPO, and Carole Delga, President of the Region, who co-financed it, the seabird aviary of the Wildlife Protection Center in Villeveyrac (Hérault) was opened. In addition to this instrument, the Region is committed to an ambitious convention in favor of biodiversity.

For the president of LPO France, this inauguration “important”. Allen Bougrin-Dubourg puts it: “This is a display of wildlife that is mistreated but sustainable and shows that when everyone is involved, we can act in favor of biodiversity. We have a team in Villeveyrac that is very professional, efficient and has good results. This is also a very good moment for sharing. I am impressed.”

“Carol Delga can convey a powerful message…”

Photo: Arlette Role.

Symbolic President of the LPO adds: “Undoubtedly, the Occitania region is investing. And furthermore, its President, who plays a role at the national level, like the President of the Regions of France, can convey a strong message in favor of biodiversity. We also have a very ambitious joint project with the Occitania region. Today, biodiversity protection will be carried out locally or not.”

“Very strong desire to invest”

For Allen Bougren-Dubourt, “very ambitious” this, of course, means monitoring and supporting medical centers, but “Besides that, there is support for the environment; heritage days, in which we will include a section on biodiversity and nature; action plans for species… There is a very strong desire to invest in a region that is particularly rich in terms of biodiversity.”

I hope we can say “They did it in Occitania, why not”

Allen Bougrin-Dubourg

Can this region serve as a national example? “Yes, I hopeAllen Bougrin-Dubourg answers. I hope we can say: “They did it in Occitania, why not.” Another example that could be used elsewhere is that we have started cooperation with long-distance tourist routes. We are currently working on enhancing biodiversity in GRs and extending this to the national level. How to improve, adapt and develop this experience at the national level. I firmly believe in the exemplary value of terroir.”

24,760 animals collected in ten years in Villeyrac.

Aviary. Dr. Antoine Darno, Occitania region.

LPO Occitanie President Pierre Megre explains that in the ten years of existence (it will happen on June 22), the Villeveyrac Wildlife Protection Center, “ranked 3rd or 4th nationally out of 130 association centers in France”, contained 24,760 animals, including 3,424 in 2021 (including 511 mammals, five reptiles and 2,908 birds). Thanks also to the seabird aviary built at the Regional Wildlife Conservation Center in the municipality.

Aviary co-funded by Region and Dreal

It is co-financed by the Occitania region (41,000 euros in shared budgets, Dreal – prefectural department – up to 15,000 euros and 6,500 euros from the LPO’s own funds). Pierre Megre explains: “The 28 meter long and 6 meter wide enclosure has a pool equipped with a special filtration system with a sand filter to collect macro waste (feathers, droppings, etc.) and then a UV tunnel capable of removing any remaining bacteria. This allows you to re-inject water into the pool and save resources.”

Occitania has been engaged in the conservation of biodiversity for several years…”

Carol Delga

For the regional president “Because it is an absolute priority, Occitania has been committed to biodiversity for several years now: launching a regional biodiversity strategy, implementing the Green Pact, a common thread of regional action, supporting LPO Occitanie with more than €500,000 since 2017”.

Carol Delga releases the buzzard. F. Antoine Darno. region of Occitania.

With the signing of a framework agreement between the Region and LPO Occitanie, concluded for a period of three years and finalized to date, “I want, she said, strengthen this regional action. Through this agreement, we will be able to act as a group to address key challenges such as: zero net land withdrawals regionally by 2040; strengthening the sustainability of ecosystems and territories; building a development model without pollution and with a low impact on biodiversity; and development of environmental education for all audiences, and in particular for young people”. And to announce that in the coming months the Region will go even further by adopting Plan Noé-“Nature in Occitania Certainly.”

Natural area management, environmental education

EELV Vice President Agnès Langevin, in turn, speaks of the agreement just signed: “The region has long supported LPOs in support of natural area management, in environmental education, in the bird care center in Villeveyrac. This association was organized at the level of departments and has been operating since January 1 at the level of the Occitania region. And to make them more visible, we wanted to formalize this relationship through an agreement.”

LPO supports campsites

F. Antoine Darno. region of Occitania.

Agnes Langevin adds: “LPO is a partner that touches on several sectors, from bird protection (for which it provides expertise) of course, but also from supporting the hospitality industry, camping sites (which they support in regards to bird welcome labels, municipalities to properly integrate the issue biodiversity). Designs take care…”

Increasing awareness of long-distance walking routes

In addition, there “Raising awareness in a very open environment, such as on long-distance hiking trails, is a kind of reconnection with nature. Their vision, very integrated, very global, is in line with our “Nature in the Region” plan. Even when we have deep knowledge about species, we can also reconsider our relationship with nature with them, as was the case, for example, in the case of isolation, when we saw the return of biodiversity, and we had this whole issue of nesting … “

They store “their independence and fighting spirit”

Of course they keep “their independence and fighting spirit”, as in the case of the LGV, where Pierre Megre, president of the LPO Occitanie, judged “deadly to biodiversity” route of the Montpellier-Perpignan line, as Dis-Lehr explained to you. The national leadership was ready to warn the European Court, in particular, due to excessive proximity to the Natura 2000 territories; nine zones of ecological, faunal and floristic interest. Agnes Langevin goes further.

floating wind: “LPO to improve things”

F. Antoine Darno. region of Occitania.

“Regarding the offshore wind project, adds the vice president of the region, The LPO did work to think about where it would be the least harmful. As a result, we fund the study for a year to make sure, depending on the migration corridors, we can choose the area that is the least harmful to the birds. They are constructive. With them, we can define best practices. And consensus. For wind energy, we have established working groups with manufacturers and LPOs. A book of excellence was compiled. Consensus and sometimes disagreement, but there are never any problems. They are for improving things. What amazes me in the center of Vilveyrac is the number of young volunteers who come to spend the weekend, in the evening after school, to come and take care of small or large birds! I’m a big fan.”

Olivier SLAMA

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