Beauchamp. The Wood reopens after a 70-year hiatus

This Saturday, the Barrashen Forest in Beauchamp will reopen to the public.  It contains exceptional biodiversity, in particular the calloused swamp.
This Saturday, the Barrashen Forest in Beauchamp will reopen to the public. It has exceptional biodiversity, in particular the Kallune swamp. (© Val Parisis D.R.)

“Oxygen Bubble in the City”: This Saturday, April 2, 2022 Barraschen forest in Beauchamp (Val-d’Oise), finds its audience.

Route for athletes, route for people with reduced mobility

A course for athletes, a track for people with disabilities and two recreation areas make it accessible to everyone.

Firewood was laid this winter Urban community of Val Parisis with financial support Île-de-France region.

Its area is 5 hectares (equivalent to a square plot of 221 meters on each side), its entrance is located at the intersection of avenues Boulet and avenues Marronier.

If this opening is an event (the inauguration took place this morning at 11 a.m.), it is because the forest has been inaccessible for 70 years.

Alumni of Beauchamp remember that it was open before 1949.

“Old plans show that at that time this place was crossed by roads from north to south and from east to west. Several testimonies also indicate that the site was used by residents,” Aglo explains.

Privatized by 3M for 70 years

Then its owner Mr. Barrachin sold 48 hectares of land 3M, who opened his factory there in 1950.

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The American company then privatizes Barrahin’s “point”, which from now on is closed to the public by a fence.

When 3M left (in 2019) and the area was taken over by Sci Lucia in 2020, the city of Beauchamp and the agglomeration decided to purchase a 48,856 m² site with the aim of opening the natural and recreational space to the public.

As part partnership urban project (Pup) signed with the community of the agglomeration Val Parisis and the city of Taverny, the new developer of the site, Vectorceded this part to the city of Beauchamps for a symbolic sum of euros.

Three entrances will connect the Beauchamp neighborhoods with each other

From now on, three entrances will connect the Boshan districts with each other and allow passers-by to make their way through this natural environment to go to any side of the city.

“All residents of the territory will now be able to take advantage of this natural space of almost 5 hectares, inhabited by majestic trees, sometimes long-lived, such as pedunculate oak in an undergrowth clearing, false heather, birds, squirrels, insects or even small mammals…”, emphasizes Aglo Val Parisis .

The public will be able to take a discreet journey to discover the features of the local fauna and flora.

Ecological corridor

The Biodiversity Inventory of the Barrachin Forest showed that it was the main reservoir of local biodiversity for species associated with the forest context. It is considered a network of intra-city plants and is mentioned as a main element in the green and blue grid of the Planning and Sustainability Project.

calloon heathera natural habitat considered endangered on the scale of the Île-de-France due to invasive species and the processional caterpillar has been preserved.

One island of aging about 1 ha has been created to preserve dying trees and support the fauna associated with the dead wood.

For general peace of mind and to avoid dubious visits or activities, the forest will be open only during the day, at night it will be closed.

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