Animal mediation in Perche, a drug-free solution for the sick

Seiko and Jean-Yves.
Seiko and Jean-Yves. (© Le Perche)

Amelie Barro is an neuropsychologist and head of the kindergarten Amael (former UNA) in Persh and does mediation with animals with his Seiko dogAmael Orn’s mascot, in the daytime reception Bazoches-sur-Aine, Bellem, Longney-o-Perche and Taille-sur-Huisne (Orne).

“It was the former director of Amaelles who offered me animal mediation, I never had a dog,” says Amélie Barrault. “I studied at the French Institute of Animal Therapy in Velanne, in Isère, and received a diploma in Animal Therapy. »

If we often think of golden retrievers as intermediary animals, Amélie Barrault chose to choose rabbitcoir : “You didn’t need a dog too big to get on the table, I liked huskies and in the same genre we have a Finnish dog from Lapland.”

She started in Hanoi ten years ago, died a few months ago. The neuropsychologist puts his dog accessible to the elderly.

When she started in Hanoi, she quickly realized that she needed to take a second dog, a smaller one: “So that the inhabitants could take him on their knees as soon as Hanoi grew up, it was difficult.” Jack, a Pomeranian, completed the small family.

“My first dog, Hanoi, was getting old, so I decided to take Seiko, who arrived at three months old, we spent a month with three dogs, and then Hanoi died,” says Amélie Barro.

Empowerment of Residents

Seiko comes from breeding Jerry Black Estate and arrived in January at Persh day centers. His name was chosen with the help of the residents.

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“Everyone came up with an idea, which we also posted on the UNA Orne Facebook page so that subscribers can help us,” adds Amélie Barrot. “Dogs are not for everyone, but their presence in day centers works well.”

“Seiko has been with me for two months now, it hasn’t been perfected yet, but it’s coming,” Amélie Barrault develops. “We do mediation exercises, residents should be actors, like cleaning an animal that reminds them how to take care of someone, we empower them and they feel valued.”

Cats may come

On March 30, 2022, Seiko went to the day center in Bellem where eight residents meet every day two amplifiers (medical and psychological assistance). The day always starts with some coffee, everyone hears it from others.

It is the AMP that takes residents from their homes in the morning and returns them in the evening. This is followed by a reading of the local newspaper and then classes with Seiko. Jean-Yves and Peter brushed the dogwhile Odette and Morisette preferred hold the catTokyo, came with Amelie Barro.

Tokyo cat in Odette's arms.
Tokyo cat in Odette’s arms. (© Le Perche)

“We are working on the old memory and on the dexterity of the bristle brush,” says the neuropsychologist. “Seïko means success that brings success, merit, it is also a brand that allows you to connect with residents of other brands.”

It was the same with his old dog Hanoi, which is the name of the capital of Vietnam, which allows you to remember other capitals.

The animal does not judge

“The advantage of animals is that they bring a lot, they don’t judge, they understand, they are delicate and gentle with the residents, someone doesn’t care, but for someone this allows them to reduce aggressiveness,” says Amélie Barrot. “I remember a lady who didn’t talk anymore, but with my dog ​​Hana, yes. »

“The residents are doing well, they all have animals,” says Carol, AMP. “When we see Seiko, it plays on people’s behavior, some become softer, it relieves tension, we see it.”

Seiko may come as visiting dogis he lying on his side and dozing or is he there for healing activities with residents. The elderly work with him. dressage, toiletwhich allows you to remember your daily routine, showering, brushing your teeth, etc.

Seiko cleans Peter, who is very fond of dogs.
Seiko cleans Peter, who is very fond of dogs. (© Le Perche)

These are activities that last between 20 and 30 minutes and are adapted to the needs of the people. Seiko is educated and used to being pushed around in case it happens to him in kindergarten.

The rabbit coir also has a lot of hair, which is a must: “Combing and stroking are important activities, this is an attentive, sensitive and pleasant breed.”

Amelie Barro follows dog training course once a week at Kik Declic, in Les Aulneaux, to relearn the basics of a relationship with a dog.

“Animals provide many benefits for people suffering from Alzheimer’s or related diseases, and animal mediation is also gaining momentum for cats, guinea pigs, as well as horses and donkeys,” adds Amélie Barraud. “For these people, there is no cure, and other than non-drug therapies, there is little we can do with the means at hand.”

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