Alexandre Roussel, the constancy of the sages – a portrait of the week

On this early spring afternoon, Alexander Russel gone, he’s having a good time with Ilan, the last of his three children. A privilege he regrets not having taken advantage of in the past: “I relied heavily on Olivia. She is an exemplary mother! There were evenings after the races when I could come home early. But when you’re at the top of the bills, you tend to have a relationship or even a celebratory side! “. The rhythm of life that his wife “I couldn’t take it today” as she admits, but that did not stop Alexander succeed and last like his couple…


StartAlexander in the middle of a race, nothing is ordinary. It grows in Southeast about fifteen kilometers fromIn prisonfar from horses, but with this desire to work with them. He began his studies at Afacek of Kalasin the stable Christian Scandela. His experience had barely begun when failures at school forced him English channelat the technical school seeds. Jumping is the first discipline he tests: “I didn’t have the basics of a horse show, but jumping taught me a lot of things, like putting a horse in place, making it change legs, anticipating, etc. “In the steeplechase, in the steeplechase, in the cross-country, a young man travels through the provinces without choosing his mounts, and pays a high price, often being injured. Small, light and not “see not drill” on this route, a 22-year-old jockey knocks on the stable door Bernard Fox, mainly consisting of flat horses. Good idea, as the results resulted in him losing his discharge before he celebrated his 25th birthday. But especially when Siriac Diar picks him up as his career goes up. Together they create a family structure that leads them to victory. Group 1 to Saint Cloud : International criterion with Helios QuerkusOctober 31, 2004 “I remember an interview with Siriac:
– Why not hire a star jockey? the reporter asked him.
– If Alexander was in a big stable, he would be a star jockey! Syriac answered an eye for an eye.
It was obvious to him that the first jockey was holding his horse. ”

And it is on this pledge of loyalty that the star of the West will strive to work throughout his career.


“Alexander is not the kind of jockey who will leave you to ride elsewhere”admire Fabrice Fouche with whom he worked for ten years. It was at this time that a jockey from the West allowed himself to be persuaded to work with an agent: “When we met, he was in Eric Lekoyfier where he met his wife. Despite the decentralization of racing, I found it underused. I then suggested rebooting the machine”Explain Patrick Andorin. I bet thatAlexander decides to pick up only if his friends Arnaud Bourget and Jerome Cabré join the team. The association immediately becomes a hit, the 30-year-old athlete doubles the number of races and victories. In 2011, he reached the bar of 500 successes, after seven years he entered the vicious circle of jockeys with 1000 victories, and in the meantime, in 2016 he was awarded Western golden whip whom he shares with a promising young man named Theo Bachelo. Via Patrick, Alexander retains customers who already know about it. “Even if at that time he already had good interpersonal skills and undeniable qualities as a jockey, he needed results. Because you can’t lie to yourself, that’s all that matters!”, says his agent. For adults or children Alexander does the job the same way. “I was the exclusive jockeyAlain de Royer Dupre in the West. I am honored to have the opportunity to work for him. A rider, straightforward, who knew how to be tough when necessary.slide Alexanderalways so loving. He runs the good horses that will win Group after Paris and even enjoys riding Red Dubavi in Maisons-Laffitte Cup in 2012.
Others like Christopher Lotu, Fabrice Fouche, Guy Sherel for which he wins all the Grands Prix reserved for AQPS, decided to keep him on their horses, which are of the Parisian level. Joel Boisnard demonstrated it again in the 2021 edition jockey club. Alexander and Breizh Eagle showed themselves undefeated at the start Group 1 in which they took 3rd place. Therefore, it is difficult for a driver to mention one professional more than another, because he is lucky to have contacted a large number of coaches in his adopted region. Two names that no longer appear in programs continue to be highlighted: Sandrine Tarrou and Thierry Jarne direct and have all great. They are horse lovers, real trainers. When I rode after them, I knew that my partners should be well dressed.”
Grateful and dedicated, these two qualities have made him the recognized and respected jockey that he is. But isn’t he hiding other ingredients in his longevity recipe?

Fabrice Fouche and Alexander Russel around jade dreamer after winning Quinté+ on December 21, 2015 Deauville.

Secrets of his longevity

“I am honest in my dealings. I think I have ridden enough horses to be a good judge, which makes me reliable!” free Alexander. A franchise that coaches clearly value: “It’s easy and well done with him, there are no bad excuses!”welcomes Fabrice Fouche. “If he was driving badly, he will know it”adds Olivia. Respect for men, which he also reproduces with horses, because, “you can make a career with him”accurate Fabrice. For the latter, who eventually became his friend, it is impossible to trust another coachman when the horses are galloping on Paris. It is also impossible to imagine that one day it will stop: “For me, he remains the best in the West, he deserves his place”. A place that he was able to create by gaining experience, not counting the kilometers to be driven all over France, but above all by looking at all the race tracks in his region, which he knows like the back of his hand. True strength for Christopher Lotu who also appreciates his state of mind. “Today, I think coaches prefer to train an old man like me, rather than a young man who lacks experience.”, notes the jockey. If he calls himself ” old “it shows nothing in the race. “Excellent knowledge of the racecourses of the West is a great advantage. I ride the classics, always keep a pear for thirst”he said, smiling. Add to that the fact that at 47 he can still travel light. “When he has a very good chance, I sometimes ask him to go up to 54.5 kg!”Explain Patrick. “I even remember how once he grumbled a little that he had to deprive himself. dnot to Craonhe went up Soriano for learning Dominica Tomb and jacket Wildenstein. He won with a weight of 54 kilograms! “

Watching and maintaining your weight is a real torture for those who qualify as bon vivants! “It’s hard to share someone’s life without having dinner. I often set the table for the children and for myself, but not for him. I even hid to eat.”recalls Olivia. “I really admire that at his age he still wants to run alone.”, adds the last one. Sometimes a sports companion Olivia above all a companion for life. A trot learner, then a gallop rider, her knowledge of the environment helped her understand all the vagaries of the life of a jockey and accompany Alexander in all her adventures, even taking on the role of driver in addition to being mother and wife. “I wouldn’t have such a career without the support of my wife,” jockey says. Together they raised Manon, Leo and Ilansurrounded by two breeding maresOlivia. Although different fates have been chosen – a medicine for Manonsame job as dad for Leo and, no doubt, a career as a steward for Ilan – everyone learned to love horses before riding them. “We don’t really have time to rest, but when the five of us can ride horses, it’s a pleasure!”count Alexander. A pleasure that may become more regular the day the father of the family hangs up his boots: “I think about it, but it’s not easy, because in our conditions nothing is done to support jockeys in a career change, unlike rugby players who don’t have to worry about leaving the sport!”, he regrets. Presently, “the spirit of competition and the satisfaction of feeling like a good little horse” while still there, the idea of ​​quitting is still vague. “I thought I would stop at 40. At 500 wins, I said to myself, ‘Why not go to 700’, then 1000 and so on. But today at 1200 I don’t think I can go up to 1500!” Others do not believe at all that he is ready to change jobs: “At the races he is very cheerful. He always likes to chat and savor his victories with old relatives”Explain Olivia.

Looking back at the last thirty years, you can see all these wonderful meetings, human and equestrian, all these victories. “even more beautiful when they are separated “, and perhaps regret: “I won on the plains, in jumps, in the harness trot, in the horse trot, but I wanted to Auteuil and pass railway ditch ! I thought about this a while ago…”.

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