Acts of abuse at the equestrian center in Bernissart

Rumors begin to unleash on social media about the Center de Loisirs Equestres, a private horse boarding house located in the Bernissart district. Through a group that now has 500 members, enthusiasts accuse the stable of animal cruelty and expose the rather questionable practices over the years. Druscilla Vincent is at the forefront of this Facebook group that brings together “victims” this stable. Wishing to convey the facts to the population and even to the political authorities, this enthusiast launched a petition that has collected more than 400 signatures to date. “Without water, without food, my horse and my pony slept on concrete. They had limited space to move around (between the manure and the wagon).”Druscilia explains. “My horse lost a lot of weight and had injuries all over his body. As for my pony, he had craters on his hair. By creating this petition, I want such events not to happen again. We must do our best to help these animals and such in a way to prevent other horses from the same fate. If my horse had stayed another month, he would not have survived.

The evidence is intertwined, one more erroneous than the other. “I put my horse there a few years ago. Living next door, I rented a box. We made boxes ourselves and fed him. At the time, things were going relatively well. After that, I got pregnant, and boxing became hard. So I decided to put my horse on full board for more convenience.” says another victim. “Everything started to deteriorate. My horse changed stables non-stop, most of the time on concrete. He was in a small arena all day with 15 other horses, they were stepping on each other! One day my horse broke down. got hit hard. One evening the manager called me and said that he no longer moves in his box. In the end, it was a hematoma that turned into an abscess.”. Chantal would also have had a bad experience in this stable. “My daughter arrived in July 2020 with her mare. The manager sold us dreams. So we came with a mare for full board and we had to take care of the box ourselves. Without food, our mare lived on a plot where there was no grass. or water. After 2 months, I clearly saw that my daughter’s mare was wasting away. So I told the manager that we were leaving the next day.”

“She made us participate in fake contests”

Along with these acts of abuse, many young people, previously very active in this stable, now denounce difficult situations. “I used to go to this stable sometimes from 9 am to 8 pm. Until I removed the boxes, I could not ride a horse. I’m only now realizing what she put us through. all the money in your pocket”says the equestrian enthusiast.

Some parents also mention some rather disturbing facts. “My daughter started homework early. At first she attended classes for several hours on Saturday afternoons. A few months later, Maureen was walking all day at reasonable hours. But soon the hours became full days 7am/8pm. , 9 pm, 10 pm

“I started riding in this stable in 2011-2012, I was 10-11 years old”, condemns the young girl. “For the first few weeks everything was fine. Subsequently, many expenses were added right and left, including insurance, which I paid 90 euros instead of 23 euros “Emily says. “We had to defecate in boxes. The manager made us participate in fake competitions at her house and asked us to pay for the tests.”

“In addition to the children left unattended, the head of the stable invited her hairdresser or beautician on the days of lessons or internships. If the little ones wanted to ride, the older ones had to take care of it. In the summer, she only traveled back and forth a few kilometers from the center to return the horses to their pasture. All this, leaving the children alone. I remember two twins, barely 5 or 6 years old, victims of mental retardation. they are not in their own way, she locked them in their ”bar” room with some plastic games”, says another victim.

Druscilla Vincent intends to file a police complaint this Thursday and report these actions, which she considers odious. Our publications specifically turned to the person in charge of the stable to give him the floor, but the latter indicates that all “These words are exaggerated and misleading.”

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