Acquaintance with the Mousse ponds and Camargue horses in the Eurelian perch.

A nature reserve in the heart of the forest of La Ferte Vidame.
A nature reserve in the heart of the forest of La Ferte Vidame. (©Conservatory of Natural Spaces Center-Val-de-Loire)

The Conservatory of Natural Spaces Centre-Val de Loire offers you a nature walk to discover area of ​​meadows and ponds Mousses Saturday, April 30, 2022 as part of the national operation Grenouille Frequency.

A unique opportunity to meet Camargue horses and discover the ponds of Les Mousseuses and the people who inhabit them.

In the heart of the La Ferté-Vidame forest, unique spaces

In the heart of the communal forest of La Ferté Vidame (Eure et Loire), on the territory Persh Regional Natural Parkon the site “Mokhoviki” there are ponds, meadows, as well as wet sphagnum foreststhe latter unique in Aire-et-Loire and very rare in the Center-Val-de-Loire region.

This place is also part of the sensitive natural area of ​​La Ferte Vidame.

It covers a total area of ​​11.6 hectares and belongs to the municipality of La Ferte Vidame.

In 2017, an agreement was signed between the municipality and the Conservatory for a period of ten years. This makes it possible to manage a four-hectare meadow and ponds.

Real role in water management

The interest of the meadows and ponds of Les Mousseuses lies in the presence of various wetlands in the acidic terrain. They play an important role in water filtration and purification, they also act as reservoirs, storing water when there is too much of it.
thus limiting floods and restoring them during droughts.

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In addition, they place a wide variety of species. Ten species of amphibians live in the forest, ditches and various water bodies. There are also various insects such as dragonflies and the ladies love it young Agrionnot talking
specific flora that can develop there.

For the care of the meadow, a natural method was chosen, i.e. pasture. Since the year
now two Camargue mares live in the meadow, resistant to very wet conditions.

Greenhouse for Biodiversity

The Conservatory of Natural Areas of the Center-Val de Loire (Cen Centre-Val de Loire) is a regional association created in 1990, whose task is to preserve the remarkable natural areas of the region in terms of fauna, flora, landscape quality or geological interest. In 2022, it will maintain a network of 159 natural sites (4,200 ha) that will be managed sustainably in accordance with five areas of work: “Know, protect, manage, improve and maintain.” In 2022, the Conservatory offers more than 200 events, conferences, joint inventories, volunteer work camps… and last year, its Views game – a life-size treasure hunt! Become an actor by discovering the biodiversity around you and by acting to conserve it, because today more than ever we need nature.

█ Practice: nature walk to discover the meadows and ponds of Les Mousseuses, on Saturday, April 30, 2022 at 14:00. Duration: 2 hours. Route length: <1 km. Price: €4/adult, free for members and children under 12. Recommendations: Provide boots or good shoes. Registration is required by noon on 29 April at the conservatory on 02 37 28 90 89, by noon on 29 April. The meeting point will be indicated upon registration.

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