a group of 4 dealers drops with 106 Indian hemp buds.

Mustafa D., Serin Djibi F., Abdurrahman alias Abu Pidgeon and Moussa D. were held accountable for their actions on 21 April this year before the Correctional Chamber of the Dakar Grand Instance Tribunal.

With the exception of the last named Moussa D., who was conditionally released and did not participate in the trial, all of them were prosecuted for the supply or sale of drugs. The facts refer to April. In front of the judge, the defendants tried to escape punishment.

Mustafa, who was born in 1998 in Tuba, is a recidivist and lives in Taiba Grand Dakar, was arrested according to a report for possession of 40 Indian hemp cones, but denies the fact before the panel of jurisdiction.

“The gendarmes found me in my commercial premises, where I was herding sheep in search of hemp. They didn’t find anything for me. It was the police who informed me about the seizure of 40 cones at my workplace,” the respondent explained.

On the other hand, the judge wanted to remind him that the seized drugs were found in a bag that he carefully hid, calling him the brains of the gang, which he vehemently denied.

“There were 19 of us at the place of detention, but the police released everyone else, except for us 3. I am not the inspirer of the gang. I am content with my business space to sell pet food. I repeat, the investigators did not find anything about me,” said Mustafa D.

Carter, Cérin Djiby F., for his part, refuted the accusation that 20 cones of grass that kill people were taken at the level of the premises serving as a stable for his horse.
“The police arrested me while I was feeding my horse,” he said.

When asked about a cache of Indian cannabis, he will say that “the drug was found in a tire that serves as a watering hole for horses. »

Meanwhile, 22-year-old Abdurakhman D., nicknamed Abu dove, denied the ownership of 45 cones of Indian hemp, seized by him, according to investigators.
“I don’t even smoke. The police searched Taib and found me there, before they put me on board, they demanded that I show my identity card. They didn’t find anything from me, except for my 3000 Fcfa, which they took away, ”he justified himself.

Despite the fact that all the defendants dropped the charges, the judge insisted on showing them the videotape, kept by the investigators, which showed that they were in possession of drugs.

“We didn’t know we were being filmed,” one of them said.

Moussa D., who was granted temporary release, did not take part in the trial. He was arrested for possession of a cone of grass that kills.

In their indictment, the prosecution reported a police infiltration strategy that allowed the tape to be obtained. According to the Prosecutor General, the police carried out a serious investigation, as a result of which a large amount of drugs was seized.

“They made statements to evade the strictness of jurisdiction. I demand 2 years of firm imprisonment for 3 defendants and 1 month of firm imprisonment against Moussa D.,” the Prosecutor General said.

The defense petitioned for the release of the defendants in favor of doubt and attacked the investigators, who, in their opinion, abused their powers.

“The police are violating people’s basic rights, but going so far as to edit videos to spy on people is problematic. That is why I ask for their release in favor of doubt. If you think they are guilty, I ask the court for leniency in their favor,” said Me Aboubakri Barro.

In the verdict, the judge found the defendants guilty of the crime. He sentenced them all to 2 years in prison, with the exception of Moussa D., who was sentenced to 1 month in prison.


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