30 points, huge poster and clutch, JA is BACK!

Ja Morant hasn’t been up to par in all of the first four games of the series against the Minnesota, and Ja Morant was expected tonight in Memphis at the turn of Game 5. And he answered those present! To be sure, the Grizzlies phenom had a hard time for three quarters. But then the last…

History will remember that Malik Beasley was buried at 3:35 am on Wednesday, April 27, 2022, in Tennessee. So here we are in the final seconds of the third quarter, Minnesota leading the game 85-72 and Ja Morant holding the ball at logo height. The rest she does not say to herself in words, looks at herself with wide eyes and a well fastened belt.

After a disappointing performance in Game 4 at the Target Center, Ja Morant said “he’s not Ja” in the series and “he doesn’t head in the circle” like he used to. It’s hard to find a more epic act than this, symbolizing the return to the forefront of the Memphis prodigy.

However, for 35 minutes and 50 seconds, Morant found himself in a quandary again. We were waiting for him to move, and, I must admit, we were waiting for quite a long time. Not really sharper than Minnesota, and especially pinning the bricks to the free throw line, Jah was still not Jah, and the Wolves took the opportunity to put themselves in a great position to come home with the opportunity to end the series. But the Grizzlies superstar simply couldn’t accept such a scenario. In front of Usher, seated next to his father, Ty Morant, Jah had indeed let go of the horses in the final twelve minutes. As if this already unprecedented dunk suddenly released his superpowers.

Only 18 points in the fourth quarter, his team’s last 13 points, 9/10 on free throws. Forget the indecisive and frustrated Ja Morant on the last outings, thank you for welcoming Ja Morant with open arms, whom we have loved all season. The one who takes charge, the one who attacks anyone who gets in his way, the one who uses good times to act like… a great one for sure. Playoff round one or not, there aren’t many higher stakes moments than a tight Game 5 when two teams are tied 2-2. And with one minute left, when the Minnesota score is 106-104, it’s Ja Morant who hits the three-pointer that kills the huge Brandon Clark after rebounding.

107-106 in favor of Memphis, the return is complete, but we still need to close the lid. No problem, Jah is here for it. First he throws two shots to give his team a three-point lead after D’Angelo Russell’s miss, and then he’s going to secure the best endgame for any Tennessee fan.

While the score went to 109-109 on Anthony Edwards’ award-winning shot, the latter was too greedy when he tried to intercept the ball on a throw-in and a penalty kick followed immediately. Ja Morant boulevard to the racket, poor Jarred Vanderbilt can’t do anything. Jah cranks a beautiful finish with his left hand and puts the Grizzlies in front with just a second left. 111-109, game over, thanks, goodbye. FedExForum could be celebrating at the same time as Jah, potentially one of the great turning points in this series that seemed about to switch in favor of Minnesota. Blimey!

In Ja Morant’s young career, this fifth game was one of those turning points that helped fuel the rise of the Grizzlies phenomenon. He was tough, he needed to react, and ended up showing his best when his team needed it the most (30 points, 13 rebounds, 9 assists). That’s exactly what the greats do, and Morant has what it takes to be one of them.

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