25 Animals Now Compared To Their Prehistoric Ancestors (Part 2)

A little less than a year ago we invited you to discover an amazing job Ukrainian paleontologist Roman Uchitel.. The latter amuses himself by comparing the size of a modern animal with the size of their prehistoric ancestor in the same images. And the differences in size and shape are always quite disturbing. We let you discover All by myself !

1) Cape Hyrax (modern) vs Mixotoxodon (ancestor)

2) European fallow deer (modern) vs. Megaloceros giganteus (ancestor)

Note : megaloceros Where Giant megaloceros once called the “big swamp deer”. It was one of the largest deer of all time, it looked like a big doe, and its antlers reached 3.50 m in length from end to end.

3) puma concolor (modern) vs puma pardoides (ancestor)

4) spotted hyena (modern) and dinocrocuta (ancestor)

5) fossa (modern) against barbourofelis fricki (ancestor)

6) Modern Man vs. Flores Man

Note : I’Flores man (Homo floresiensis) is an extinct species of the genus Homo, the fossils of which were discovered in 2003 in the Liang Bua cave, on the Indonesian island of Flores. Human fossils were dated in 2016 from 100,000 to 60,000 years before present. Homo floresiensis was small (from 1 m to 1.10 m), possibly due to the process of insular dwarfismlike other populations on the island.

7) blue whale (modern) vs indohyus (ancestor)

Note : I’Indohuis was a small ungulate animal weighing about 10 kg, which is considered the terrestrial ancestor of cetaceans. It really was a semi-aquatic animal..

8) raccoon (modern) vs. chapalmalania altaefrontis (ancestor)

9) glutton (modern) vs. megalictis fero (ancestor)

10) Malaysian tapir (modern) and lofialet (ancestor)

11) Galapagos giant tortoise (modern) vs. Megalochelys Atlas (ancestor)

12) emperor penguin (modern) vs Palaeeudyptes klekowskii (ancestor)

Note : Paleevdipt Klekovsky – an extinct species of an equally extinct genus of penguins that lived in Antarctica. He is known for his extensive collection fossil bones dates from the Upper Eocene, between about -37 and -34 million years ago.

13) red panda (modern) vs simocyon batalleri (ancestor)

14) polar bear (modern) vs. ursus maritimus tyrannus (ancestor)

15) guanaco (modern) vs hemiauchenia macrocephala (ancestor)

16) Grevy’s zebra (modern) vs. Macrauchenia patachonica (ancestor)

17) Virginia opossum (modern) vs. Thylacosmilus atrox (ancestor)

Note : Thilacosmylus atrox, the only representative of the genus Thylacosmilus, is an extinct species of metatherian saber-toothed mammals that inhabited the territory of modern South America (9–3 million years ago). Its resemblance to famous saber-toothed tigers doesn’t make it feline. In fact, they were sparssodonts, a group related to marsupials, superficially resembling other saber-toothed mammals. just because of convergent evolution.

18) kiwi roa (modern) and giant moa from the southern island (ancestor)

19) African leopard (modern) vs Panthera pardus spelaea (ancestor)

20) Canadian beaver (modern) vs giant beaver from Nebraska (ancestor)

21) giant panda (modern) vs kretzoiarctos beatrix (ancestor)

22) Canadian wolf vs. canis dirus/aenocyon dirus (ancestor)

23) walrus (modern) vs pontolis magnus (ancestor)

24) big black savanna buffalo (modern) vs. pelorovis antiquus (ancestor)

25) fighting bull against European and Middle Eastern bison (ancestor)

And if you liked this article feel free to search previous comparisons of Roman Uchitel just here.

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